“Investing prowess is inversely proportional to the frequency of appearance on financial media”

As a young broker an older quite successful broker told me the same thing. He also said that there was no reason to watch CNBC after 9:30 (the opening market bell) because anything of value for the day which actually found its way onto TV happened before the markets got rolling.

I have found both bits of advice to be right.

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As interesting as Bitcoin is, gold is where it’s at and has been for millennia

I’ve written a number of positive things about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. I am happy they exist. I am happy they are challenging central banks. (This is a wonderful thing.) But Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are only one part of the solution, they are not the whole solution to a fiat system run amok.

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This Time in the Markets is NOT Different (it never is), We’ve Sequestered Our Brains

A good op-ed from Paul B. Farrell at Marketwatch.com. He explains that despite how different things seem in the markets, despite the technologies utilized and new strategies employed, it is never “different this time.” And we ignore this reality at our perilBut ignore many do. They’ve “sequestered their brains” says Farrell.

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Now this is innovative. How about an investment index which rates levels of cronyism?

I think this is a great idea, and if anyone put such an index together I would use it when investing to be sure. I think many other people would too. Looks like a business opportunity for someone to me.

“I hereby propose an CMI — that is, a “Cronyism Mitigation Index.” (There could also be an associated fund.) Dimensions of the CMI could include annual metrics on a number of dimensions,

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