“It’s OK for someone illegally in the United States to be engaged in identity theft.” (According to the IRS Commissioner) – Rep. Louie Gohmert

(From The Washington Examiner)

Referencing a Washington Examiner report published on Tuesday, Gohmert said it was unacceptable that the agency refuses to verify Social Security numbers out of fear that it would diminish the number of tax returns submitted by illegal immigrants. “That’s the IRS director’s reasoning,” Gohmert said. “It’s OK for someone illegally in the United States to be engaged in identity theft.”

Other members emphasized the agency’s destruction of documents that had been requested by Congress in connection with its investigation into former IRS Commissioner Lois Lerner’s targeting of conservative groups.

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Americans hate the U.S. government more than ever

Now why oh why might this be? Could it be that Washington’s curtain has been pulled back by the Internet? That’s part of it. Could it be that many Americans continue to struggle while they see the connected in Washington and New York get bailed out and enjoy sweetheart deals? Yep, that’s part of it too. Could it be that many Americans feel alienated from a president who they feel holds them in contempt? Yep. Could it be that taxes are continually extracted from our pay even though many people see little in return for this money?

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IRS May Still Be Targeting Conservative Groups

This is not a surprise but it is disturbing. The Internal Revenue Service, of all agencies should do everything it can to avoid the appearance of political bias. Fundamentally that is good for the agency. If people see the IRS has an overt political force (working against them) then this undermines the agency over the medium to long term. One would think that this would be obvious, but with arrogance and power often comes blindness.

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IRS Identity Fraud Prevention Specialist Arrested For Identity Fraud, Filing Fraudulent Tax Returns (This is a direct result of big government)

Is anyone surprised by this. Anyone? If you are please leave a comment in the the comments section.

My bet is that no one is surprised by this. Which begs the question. Why aren’t we? And since we are not what should be done about it? And then another question. Why is it that nothing likely will be done to address the many issues at the IRS like this one and other federal agencies, the VA, for instance?

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New York Times bemoans tax system big government created

Taxes are at best a necessary* evil, but one should always fight evil.

The attached article whines and whines about how the super rich have gamed the tax system. And the thing is there is room for some legitimate whining. Though tax “loopholes” do not cost the taxpayer anything (it’s not the government’s money) they can still be a form of crony capitalism as we often say. If one can afford to wade through the tax law, and can afford to engage in convoluted offshore schemes,

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The IRS wants your Social Security number recorded if you give $250 or more to a nonprofit (Better donate to the right causes.)

This is an attempt at intimidation. The IRS has no business knowing your political affiliations. Especially in the wake of the Lois Lerner debacle at the IRS this move is just insulting. The IRS has been politicized, openly politicized by this administration, and now it is grabbing for even more power.

Seriously, whose country is this anyway?

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Department of Labor Will Be Able to Garnish Wages—Without Court Order

“Look alive boys here come the Feds!”

The IRS does this which is bad enough. But the Department of Labor?

As the state grows ever larger its tentacles reach into every nook and cranny of life. The tendency is always toward more – more power. This is how agencies rate themselves relative to other agencies. The IRS does that? Well we should be able too! We’re just as good as those guys.

Got to keep up with the bureaucratic Joneses.  

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When government bureaucrats attack: There is class warfare. It’s the political class versus the American people

As we have said before, there IS class warfare going on. It’s the political class, which includes the vast federal bureaucracy, versus the American people. Our government is way way way too large. We have way way way too many federal employees whiling away the hours doing God only knows what while they tick off the minutes until their retirement pension kicks in which is lavishly funded by, well, you. It is a parasitic situation. The Leviathan grows, feeding off of the hard work and ingenuity of the private sector all the while claiming to have legitimate authority over the private sector.

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