Why Does the IRS Need Guns?

Yeah, that is a very good question.

It actually has an easy answer though. – It doesn’t.

(From The Wall Street Journal)

Special agents at the IRS equipped with AR-15 military-style rifles? Health and Human Services “Special Office of Inspector General Agents” being trained by the Army’s Special Forces contractors? The Department of Veterans Affairs arming 3,700 employees?

The number of non-Defense Department federal officers authorized to make arrests and carry firearms (200,000) now exceeds the number of U.S.

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“It’s OK for someone illegally in the United States to be engaged in identity theft.” (According to the IRS Commissioner) – Rep. Louie Gohmert

(From The Washington Examiner)

Referencing a Washington Examiner report published on Tuesday, Gohmert said it was unacceptable that the agency refuses to verify Social Security numbers out of fear that it would diminish the number of tax returns submitted by illegal immigrants. “That’s the IRS director’s reasoning,” Gohmert said. “It’s OK for someone illegally in the United States to be engaged in identity theft.”

Other members emphasized the agency’s destruction of documents that had been requested by Congress in connection with its investigation into former IRS Commissioner Lois Lerner’s targeting of conservative groups.

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Americans hate the U.S. government more than ever

Now why oh why might this be? Could it be that Washington’s curtain has been pulled back by the Internet? That’s part of it. Could it be that many Americans continue to struggle while they see the connected in Washington and New York get bailed out and enjoy sweetheart deals? Yep, that’s part of it too. Could it be that many Americans feel alienated from a president who they feel holds them in contempt? Yep. Could it be that taxes are continually extracted from our pay even though many people see little in return for this money?

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