Hypocrite: Obama goes to “climate change speech” in Italy, stays in $20k/night villa, takes private jet, has 14 car convoy, 300 cops. Carbon footprint? More than you or me in a year?

Worth posting again.

This is Obama “living rich.”

It’s one thing if one makes one’s money in private industry where one must negotiate the whims of the market (at least to some degree) on the way to riches. (Hell, if one inherited money at least one is spending one’s own money.) It is quite another for someone to make one’s bones as a politician like Obama has. As Truman said, one can’t get rich in politics unless one is a crook.

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Italy Urges Europe To Begin Censoring Free Speech On The Internet

Brexit, Trump, and the Italian referendum this month have shown pretty clearly that the global middle class has had about enough. However, the people who have long run the political show aren’t happy about this bourgeois revolt. Indeed as the “deplorables” have gained their voice the (old) powers that be are crying out for censorship. That, not Russian hacking, is what the “fake news” meme is all about. The crony media system, a partnership between government and the media corporations is breaking down and people like Obama,

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Italy May Spur Pan-Europe Bank Crisis, SocGen Chairman Says — Already talking bailout (or bail-in?)

Una roccia settentrionale moment?

You may not have heard over the  American political din of the last few days but Italy’s banking sector is melting. Eyes are on Europe’s southern tier right now. “The soft underbelly” of Europe. The words “inter-bank lending” (specifically potential problems with it) and “contagion” are creeping back into the global financial conversation. As we’ve said it is very likely that any financial downturn in the next year or so will be blamed on Brexit, and the current Italian troubles no doubt have much to do with Brexit,

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Italy Box Office: Local Hit ‘Quo Vado?’ Sets Opening Records (It’s about a government worker who comes to terms with his “parasitic” existence)

This story was sent to me by a reader and the film sounds absolutely fantastic. This is one I am putting on the list for 2016. Unfortunately I can’t find a trailer with any English subtitles.

Amazingly Quo Vado is beating Star Wars in Italian theaters solidly. This can only be a good sign.

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Hotel, Cars for Biden’s Thanksgiving Trip to Italy and Croatia Cost $307,118

How nice for him. I hear Rome is lovely this time of year. And how nice that Biden gets to bring his family with him on the taxpayer’s dime. I mean if Mrs. Obama can do it in China, why not the Vice President in Italy? It’s only the taxpayer’s money. There is a certain style to which one becomes accustomed when Vice President of course.

Such respect for the taxpayer. Good ole’ “middle class Joe.”

(From The Washington Beacon)

Hotel rooms and car service for Vice President Joe Biden’s Thanksgiving trip to Rome and Croatia cost over $300,000,

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Europe is Risking a Bank Run with Cyprus Bailout Terms

The blundering daftness of the bailout deal in Cyprus is just being taken in by the world. Stealing from any depositors is terrible and in my opinion constitutes a crime, but taking from small depositors who are under the deposit guarantee amounts is just stupid. It’s one thing for people to see Russian oligarchs stolen from, it’s quite another to see Milos the fisherman lose his savings.

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Unrest Returns to Europe

Just a few weeks ago many leaders were tentatively looking at what they thought might be more than just a respite in the ongoing European (world) economic calamity. But this storm is far from over. It’s shifting into a new phase as Spain continues to spin out, Italy’s industrial output is the lowest it’s been since its been recording the stat, and even tiny Cyprus is causing real problems.

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The European Union Wins the Nobel Peace Prize, Greeks and Spanish ask – Peace?

The European dream, must not be lost. The euro is much more than a currency, it a vision for a continent. Europe according to many must consolidate to compete with world competitors and lay the foundation for a more consolidated, better managed world. This is the argument.

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