Entrepreneurial struggles following the Great Recession

“In the poker game of life women are the rake.” – Worm from the movie Rounders
I’d actually say the rake is taxation.

We are not creating new businesses in the USA at the rate we used to. A mixture of factors has contributed to this (as is pointed out in the attached article) but crony capitalism and overegulation (the two are tied) are the chief culprits in my estimation.

It’s always been hard to start a business.

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Obamacare: America is About to Voyage into Mind-bending Complexity

The Affordable Care Act is so complex, and according to Greg Scandlin at The National Center for Policy Analysis, so poorly written, that large pieces of Obamacare just won’t happen because they literally make no sense. (Or demand unicorns.)

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Mark Cuban: Government Gets In the Way of Job Creation

In the attached article John Stossel discusses his interview of Dallas Mavericks owner and entrepreneur, Mark Cuban. Cuban laments that given the level of regulation business owners must deal with today, it would be much harder now to achieve the level of success he has, and to create the jobs he has, than when he started.

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