John Harwood Asks “Who Do You Believe America?” – Gets Surprising Answer (For him)

Surprise to Harwood maybe. (But how could it be at this point? How daft could he be?) But not a surprise to us or likely many of our readers.

Harwood is, as you may remember the the chief political correspondent for CNBC who also ran stories by and offered advice to the Clinton campaign. (This was exposed by Wikileaks.)

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CNBC’s John Harwood: ‘White Fear’ Partly Responsible for Democratic Losses Under Obama (Many in the media still don’t get it)

The people who believe this are completely out to lunch. They thought racism was the reason for opposition to Obama. And now they think “racism” is the reason that Trump won.

It was pretty early on in Obama’s administration that I figured out that the prime NPR demographic might be completely clueless on what was happening in the country. I was in Connecticut hanging out with someone I know quite well who is unfortunately hopelessly partisan. When I explained that I didn’t particularly like Obama,

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