Here’s the List: More Than a Dozen Proven Victims of Obama’s Many Wiretaps

Whether it was “wire tapping” or computer surveillance is immaterial. Let’s open this up because things have gotten out of hand. This is an opportunity for the American people to peel back some of the layers of the deep state and to learn more of what went on during the Obama administration.

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Will governments forcibly microchips their citizens? Should we outlaw such measures before they happen?

Some, even now, will continue to think that this will never happen. (Though I think these people are far fewer than just a few years ago.) It’s actually quite surprising to me that people are so trusting of their governments. However, the current trajectory is toward such microchipping. The technology exists already and governments always want to keep track of their subjects, er…, citizens.

One of the main reasons there is the current War on Cash is because taxing authorities around the world want to be able to keep tabs on any and every transaction.

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Trump undertakes most ambitious regulatory rollback since Reagan

Good. Our society is way over regulated. Too many laws. Too many rules. Too much red tape. Too many bureaucrats.*

Not only is it OVER regulated, many of the regulations which burden the economy are written by cronies of various kinds (inside and outside of government) and are designed to hamper competition. The economy needs to be able to breathe to work and to create work for workers.

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Farmer spends 16 years studying law by himself so he could sue a powerful chemical firm for ‘polluting his land’ – and he wins the first round

Property rights are a key part of the foundation of a civilized society. Maybe China is making some progress on this front. Good for this guy.

And environmentalists – consider how defending property rights, instead of throwing in with the government (which is always connected to large interests) might further your cause – legitimately and without coercive force from the state.

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Federal Judge: U.S. Constitution Is Outdated, Judges Should Stop Studying It

If the Judge holds no allegiance to the Constitution what value do his rulings have? Does he not take an oath to uphold the Constitution?  How does he decide his rulings, whim? Whatever morality or definition of the law that floats through his mind that particular day?

This is a legitimate question to which I am sure some of our readers have the answer. Judge Posner must have a stated philosophy, he is considered by many to be one of the most influential legal thinkers around today.

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