Unleash The Lawyers! Mounting Costs Of NSA Scandal To Bleed US Tech For Years

As we’ve said, the technology sector is in some real trouble because of its partnership (in many instances) with the NSA.

Tech is probably the most important industry in the USA. And we export a lot of technology. However, overseas customers (and domestic ones too) are having second thoughts about buying from companies which have worked closely with US spy agencies. Orders are dropping around the world.

Now a new front may be opening for Silicon Valley,

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Yet Another Back Door Bailout for One of the Big Banks

The New York Fed just absolved Bank of America of potentially billions in claims stemming from mortgage fraud during the housing bubble for the paltry amount (for B of A) of $43 million. Scott free for pennies on the dollar.

One is either in the club or one is not. Most of us are not.

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