Just Leaked Trump Budget (And you can download too)

“With the interest of the American public in mind — and as nothing in this document would be deemed classified material — we are releasing this document for all to see.” – Third Way

This was obtained from Third Way, a generally big government friendly organization which got it somewhere from the bowels of DC. TW hates the budget which means it probably has at least some good stuff in it.

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Clinton Camp: Intel Inspector General is leaking details of Clinton email scandal “selectively”

A leak?

This is actually not an entirely new story.  Last year Ed Klein reported that Bill Clinton believed that the Obama White House was leaking stories about Hillary. It was a heck of a claim and didn’t get a ton of coverage.

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An Inside Job? : Bill Clinton reportedly thinks the Obama White House leaked the Hillary email story

When the Clinton email story broke I have to admit that this was one of the first things I thought.

It is widely believed that the Clintons and the Obamas do not like each other. Additionally the Obama political people think Hillary Clinton isn’t liberal enough. (Think about that folks.) And there is plenty of bad blood from 2008.

It’s the same old Obama chip on the shoulder thing, only this time his ire (reportedly) is directed at the likely Democratic nominee for president.

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Rep. Darrell Issa Says He Caught the Justice Department Red-Handed Conspiring with House Dems on IRS Documents

On Friday of last week “a senior official” at the DOJ called Darryl Issa’s office by mistake thinking it was a Democratic office. The official wanted to leak documents to the Dems and reporters before the Republicans saw them.

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More crony media: New York Times colludes with the Obama administration, trades national security secrets for positive coverage (Video)

Highly sensitive national security secrets were leaked from Hilary Clinton’s Department of State and the White House to the Times  in exchange for positive spin from the newspaper. Given the zeal with which this White House has gone after leakers, invoking the Espionage Act more than any other administration before by far, the revelation is especially damning.

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