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Rothbard’s ‘Left and Right': 40 Years Later | Roderick T. Long (Video)

Another libertarian political thought video. Roderick T. Long discusses Murray Rothbard’s examination of where libertarianism falls on the political spectrum (of his time) Left, Right, or elsewhere.

Given the fairly nuanced discussions which sometime happen on this site exploring what constitutes “fascism,” “socialism,” “freedom,” “liberty,” etc. I thought this speech would be of some value to our wonkier readers.

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Does the “Left” actually need people to be on welfare to win elections?

First, what is called “Right ” and “Left” is increasingly up for grabs. The winged political paradigm makes much less sense now that a significant part of the population self identifies as “libertarian,” which does not fit into the 20th Century way of looking at politics.

Saying this however we’ll go forward.

The question is whether those who advocate ever larger government have to get people “hooked” on welfare of one sort or another in order to win elections. Whether creating dependence on government is in itself a political strategy.

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10 rock songs (from generally lefty artists) liberty lovers can appreciate*

I love rock and roll. I love music generally. And many of the bands I love, despite my libertarian disposition, tend to be left of center, some far left of center. There are many reasons for this which maybe I’ll explore later. For the time being I just wanted to list out 10 songs which despite coming from artists generally associated with the “Left” have pro-liberty overtones.

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Ralph Nader: Obama the ’executioner’, Says crony capitalism common ground for some on Right and Left

I personally like Ralph Nader. I think he’s wrong on all sorts of things but the sense when one meets him is that he is a man who really thinks about the issues and who does not drift with the political wind. He seems to be intellectually honest, which even though he’s completely off base on all sorts of issues, counts for a heck of a lot. Especially in Washington DC. He could have sold out. He never did.

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Tea Partiers have high level of Science Comprehension

I am quite lucky that in my work I get to meet people from all over the political spectrum on a regular basis. Being a bridge between different groups is big part of my work outside of Against Crony Capitalism and it is very gratifying work.

But I am continually amazed by folks who exist within the mainstream news bubble in Washington DC. These are often brilliant people but they buy certain narratives without a second thought.

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The Hipster Fascists, Enemies of Open Source Society

What is fascism?

Basically it is the government working in partnership with the corporate establishment to secure political power (for government) and profits and power (for businesses).

What we have now is a soft fascist system, crony capitalism. It’s only soft in the sense that the Gestapo for the most part is not breaking down doors willy nilly (though there are exceptions to this, and more and more). Soft fascism becomes very hard when it comes down on you or your business, but it is not Hitler’s fascism, yet.

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