The $2 Million (taxpayer funded) Bathroom (VIDEO)

It’s half because of stupid rules and half because of connected contractors (and others) on the take. This bathroom was built with union labor at artificially high rates of pay.

Government does not care that the money for these projects, which always run over projected (already high) costs, comes from taxpayers who earned the money and then had to give it to the government. Governments just don’t care. They don’t respect the taxpayers – who have little power versus connected interests.

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Obama’s best friend to pick up U of Phoenix after the administration crushed the stock price?

“They regulate it. They drive the price down. …They are buying it for pennies on the dollar.”

This looks like straight up crony capitalism. It’s not difficult to see why some in the Obama administration would like to crush a large higher education network, with everything in place, and then resurect it in the name of doing “good.” Like a Phoenix one might say. A big, ugly, crony, taxpayer subsidized Pheonix which is owned by Obama’s buddies.

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Bribery Still Rife as 80 Percent of Executives Admit Seeing It

This is a broad international survey, but bribery, legal and otherwise is all over the place. It’s more rampant in some areas than others but it’s part of business to some degree everywhere. (Even in the USA can you believe it?) And it is an important piece of crony capitalism wherever it exists. (Though out and out bribery is one of the clumsiest forms of corruption.)

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VA Boss Promoted After Steering $4M Contract To Relative

Another day, another Veterans Affairs scandal. It is time we as a nation really consider if we should entirely disband the giant bureaucratic monster. It doesn’t seem to be serving our veterans well. (As we have documented over and over.) It is rife with cronyism. (As we’ve also documented.) And it is also an example of the kind of government program we in the United States shouldn’t be facilitating anyway. At this point we KNOW that huge centralized government programs are full of waste,

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Study: Government Workers Make 78 Percent More Than Private Sector

How do you know when a country’s economic and political system is really really messed up? It’s when the government employees, people who are literally paid by taxpayers, the productive sector, make 78% more than those in the private sector. Some will think that this must be a joke or an exaggeration but sadly it is not. I have spent most of my adult life in and around the suburbs of DC and this is absolutely true. And all (I am sure there must be an exception here and there to be fair) of these folks vote for more government and higher taxes.

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Obama’s radical proposal for Puerto Rico’s debt (Here it comes, how California, other big government states will get bailed out by US taxpayers)

That’s not Uncle Sam’s money he’s giving away. He actually doesn’t have any money. That’s YOUR money.

Watch this. Many states with large union presences, with exorbitant pension obligations for state employees, don’t really see a way out of their situation without cutting pension payouts. No one will say it officially but the promises made many of these people by politicians (who were funded by state employee unions by the way) won’t be honored because they were BS from the very beginning.

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GOP Senator Tom Coburn: Congress (Including Boehner) Lied To America About Spending

We are sorry to see Senator Coburn go. And for this site to say that about a politician is pretty rare. Coburn did what he could to bring attention to a bloated Washington DC.

Was he perfect? No. But he definitely was a friend of the taxpayer as is exhibited in the below report. He calls Boehner out by name and explains that the House Speaker lied to the American public about the amount of spending in the recent continuing resolution.

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How did Harry Reid become a multi-millionaire having spent most of his working life in politics?

Senators are paid well, but they have significant expenses too. How Harry Reid has become such a rich man while in the Senate is a question worth exploring. The Washington Times is poking around..

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New Jersey the land of the double dipping bureaucrat

In fairness it’s not just New Jersey. It happens all the time all over the country, and though legal (in most cases), still basically constitutes theft from the taxpayer.  New Jersey, land of unionized gas pumpers and Tony Soprano just happens to be particularly bad.

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