Liberals whine about being governed by Trump. Pity those governed by THEM

They aren’t “liberals.” Liberalism (properly defined) is about freedom, liberty, free markets, and human actualization. What is often thought of as “liberal” or even “progressive” however (at least in the US) is more accurately just a penchant for statist collectivism and the marginalization of the individual in practically all respects.

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NY Times: Hated by the Right. Mocked by the Left. Who Wants to Be ‘Liberal’ Anymore? (We do)

If the statists no longer want the term “liberal” (which FDR, with help, stole) we small government people are happy to take it back.

In the attached piece The New York Times rightly defines a proper “liberal”  as:

“the word has traditionally meant a preference for things like limited government, separate private and public spheres, freedom of the press and association, free trade and open markets”

But the author explains that this is the “European”

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“Big lessons are being learnt by India Inc, which is facing a gut-wrenching, cleansing process that is unprecedented in our history of crony capitalism.”

Big shifts in India. There has been an ongoing anti-crony fight there for years now. There is even a Facebook page (not affiliated in any way with us) called India Against Crony Capitalism. And it appears that some headway has been made. We certainly hope so. If India can shed its history of statist cronyism (a very tall order) it will be poised to become the country it seeks to be in the 21st Century.

We wish India the very best of luck.

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How Liberals Are the New Autocrats

A message from your “betters.”

I always feel like the word “liberal” should be put into quotes these days. A classical liberal, of which I count myself one is for the Enlightenment, the actualization of the individual, respect for the individual in the face of state force, small government and a very limited bureaucratic class. In many respects what is called “liberal” in this country is mostly the opposite of these things. “Liberals” of the modern variety are very enamored with the state and the force it brings to create a vision of the world they like.

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The Hipster Fascists, Enemies of Open Source Society

What is fascism?

Basically it is the government working in partnership with the corporate establishment to secure political power (for government) and profits and power (for businesses).

What we have now is a soft fascist system, crony capitalism. It’s only soft in the sense that the Gestapo for the most part is not breaking down doors willy nilly (though there are exceptions to this, and more and more). Soft fascism becomes very hard when it comes down on you or your business,

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How Do I Know We Are Winning? The Editor of Dissent Just Wrote a Piece Defending Crony Capitalism!

Every once in a while I read something that just makes me smile. The attached article by Michael Kazin, Professor of History at Georgetown, author of American Dreamers: How the Left Changed a Nation, and co-editor of Dissent Magazine, did that for me this morning. Kazin lays it out. He thinks crony capitalism is good.

Of course it is probably fair to infer that the entire statist side of the political spectrum thinks crony capitalism is good,

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