MIRON: A case for the libertarian, Neither liberals nor conservatives recognize their inconsistencies

If you don’t know Harvard professor and all around sharp guy Jeffery Miron, you should. He explains political concepts clearly and rationally. Below is an example. He argues that the appeal of libertarianism (or at least one of the appeals) is that it is consistent and that conservatives and liberals often are not.

It’s one of the great appeals for me.

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The Real Reason Libertarians Aren’t Settling For Conservatism

It is often assumed by many who do not know better that libertarians are just conservatives who like to smoke pot and really like guns. There is something to this simple minded assessment, but it is very simple minded. Libertarians are for liberty on both the social and the economic front. It is a forward looking ethos. It does not cling to tradition per se, but believes that solutions for society are best found using an uncoerced marketplace of ideas.

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“Progressives” are up in arms, The President proposes a “chained CPI” provision to Social Security

The president has proposed  using something called a “chained consumer price index” for adjustments (which are always up) to Social Security payments. It in theory lessons the current rate of increase. Liberal and progressives are beside themselves. How could President Obama do such a thing?

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