Glenn Greenwald: Trump will have vast powers. He can thank Democrats for them.

This is exactly correct. Supposed “liberals” and “progressives” (at least many of them) sold out the last vestiges of “liberalism” with President Obama. In many ways “liberals” and “progressives” within the Democratic Party just devolved into authoritarians. They allowed Obama to run roughshod over the Constitution and to expand the power of the Executive Branch because, well, Obama was your guy.

You were hoodwinked. And the thing is many of you (but not all) were willfully hoodwinked.

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CATO: Conservatives Should Think Twice before Supporting Jeff Sessions

Sessions will be confirmed but small government people need to keep a close eye on him. Some of his positions are very big government and benefit the current crony system.

Marijuana laws for instance should be liberalized and dealt with on a state level. That is the CONSTITUTIONAL position and as such it should be the position of any American conservative. Yet Jeff Sessions appears to have a beef with pot even though pot legalization at a state level was one of the few wins fans of small government had during the Obama years.

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Feds imprison veteran for making improvements to his own property

When regulators get like this people lose respect for the regulators. Indeed people come to see the regulators as out and out enemies, which in many cases they are.

This is a man, I don’t care how ornery and defiant, who probably should never have seen a court, never mind a prison. And he’s been held in solitary confinement (as in he has spent time in solitary) since going to prison? (Prison prison.) That is nuts.

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Thomas Sowell : “Elections should be held on April 16th — the day after we pay our income taxes. That is one of the few things that might discourage politicians from being big spenders.” (And other “truth bombs”)

Dr. Sowell announced that at 86 he would stop writing his column this year. His farewell can be seen HERE.

For decades Thomas Sowell has graced the American public with wit, wisdom, and insight. Below CR isolates a few of his greatest hits.

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What happens when a country cracks down on fake news? Ask China

The term “fake news” should pretty much always be in quotes. “Fake news,” probably for the most part is code for news that reflects poorly on the powers that be. Fighting “fake news” isn’t about fighting conjured rumors or false stories. It’s about controlling the conversation.

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The Supreme Court oral argument that cost Democrats the presidency

This is an interesting argument but the gay marriage decision wasn’t THE deciding factor in the election. It was A deciding factor. There was a bouillabaisse of deciding factors this go’round. Regardless the article is worth reading.

2 things for the record. 1. We at ACC are not opposed to gay marriage. 2. I actually think that the single biggest factor in pushing Trump over the top was William Weld’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton even while he was running for vice president as a LIbertarian in the closing days.

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The Saloon, America’s Forgotten Democratic Institution

I am a big believer in having beers (not liquor) with people who can hold a different, occasionally a radically different political opinion. But only if the people involved in the conversation are able to engage respectfully even with inebriation and have the ability to extract themselves if need be for the sake of a friendly relationship or just doing the gentlemanly or gentlewomanly thing. Such a person is rare but can make for an occasional fun evening. I’ve known a few.

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“There’s no way that someone dealing with a Trump business doesn’t think, the guy behind the name is sitting in the White House,”

Going forward the Trump needs to be held accountable. With properties and projects around the world there are and will be many opportunities for crony capitalism to sprout within the new administration. It is incumbent upon those of us who believe in free markets and a non-crony economic system to hold the new administration’s feet to the fire. Cutting the federal workforce is excellent. Handing out subsidies to favored businesses would be very very bad.

Trump has an historic opportunity to rise above the crony temptations which are now laid out before him.

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Marijuana Prohibition is Stupid: Trump’s Pick for Attorney General Is a ‘Drug War Dinosaur’

If there was one fear I had with a Trump presidency (on the domestic front) it was that he would appoint a prohibitionist as Attorney General. I feared that Chris Christie the cop might find his way into the role. Thankfully he didn’t. Senator Jeff Sessions has however.

We have respect for Senator Sessions. We disagree with him on a number of issues but again, we have respect. On marijuana however, I fear he’s terrible.

About the only thing I can see that is positive that came out of the Obama years is the fact that some states began to assert their rights under the 10th Amendment and began to nullify pot prohibition.

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