Have regulations increased monopolies?

Yes. Absolutely yes! In fact monopolies can not survive without government protection. The economist Murray Rothbard pointed this out. (Others have too.)

In the event of a “free market” monopoly (Actually a misuse of the word “monopoly.” According to Rothbard monopolies were originally granted by a king etc.) the colluders almost always start to undercut each other once they arrive at an agreement. Then sooner or later the cartel starts to fall apart. The only thing that can keep this medium term disintegration from happening is government.

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The Split Personality of the Trump Presidency

It’s a little early to talk of a “split personality” in the administration. Heck,Trump just officially came on the job on Monday. But the point(s) made by Jeff Tucker in the attached piece are quite good. We, like Mr. Tucker sense both real opportunity and real peril for lovers of liberty under Trump. On the one hand the President talks a big government game on some things. On the other hand he seems seriously inclined toward cutting government and appears to be surrounding himself with at least some liberty oriented people.

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