Prominent Dem fundraisers realign to support Trump’s agenda

The losses for DC Democratic lobbyist class just keep coming. Now, after all we’ve gone through over the last 8 months, all the Russia, and the wailing, and the tears, reality is setting in. Lobbyists have to get paid.

Towel, thrown. (At least by many Democrats on K Street.)

Now…Let’s discuss some infrastructure spending huh? See the swamp isn’t so bad Mr. Trump. The water’s fine.

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The story behind Planned Parenthood’s big, bad investment in Jon Ossoff









Planned Parenthood gets half a billion from taxpayers. (Sorry folks, whatever side of the abortion issue you are on, that is just flat out wrong.) Then it invests money into candidates that further its agenda. The abortion provider gave $20 million to Hillary Clinton in her failed campaign.

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Turmoil in China’s Stock Markets Takes a Psychic Toll

A few posts ago we made the point that we should all count our lucky stars that we were not some newly middle class guy in China who leveraged his home to play the stock market.

If however you are that guy and you are reading this know that at the very least you have our sincerest sympathies. Though that doesn’t pay the margin call we understand.

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Clinton Faces Biggest Threat From Rubio and Paul in New Poll

The 2016 race is already interesting, and it’s going to get better. Many of the assumed components to a presidential race are no longer as hard and fast as they were. I am also convinced that there is another crop of “Reagan Democrats” waiting for the right Republican presidential candidate. This is a bit of what we are seeing here. Early trend flickers.

(From Time)

Against Clinton though, only Rubio, and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul—who polls at 7% nationally among Republicans—would pose a threat if the election were held today.

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WSJ: Hedge Fund Co-Founded by Chelsea Clinton’s Husband Suffers Losses Tied to Greece

What’s amazing is Chelsea’s parents were “dead broke” back in 2000 but now she and her husband are hanging out with Jamie Dimon the CEO of JPMorgan. They’ve come so far.

Sometimes things go the wrong way even for the politically connected. I’m sure Chelsea and her husband will get by somehow however.

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I had great cancer doctors and health insurance. My plan was cancelled. Now I worry how long I’ll live.

It’s one thing to have one’s premiums go up 50%. It’s quite another to be battling stage 4 cancer (successfully) and then to find out that one’s policy is being non-renewed because Obamacare has put an end to one’s longstanding coverage.

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