“Don’t believe the liberal media” sign behind Maddow and Chris Matthews, cute (Picture)

It is clear that the media is indeed quite “liberal,” actually I prefer the term statist or collectivist, but in the “parlance of our times” as the Dude might say. Really the media is kind of left of center corporatist if one wants to put a fine point on it. (As we have discussed and explored many times here, the #oldmedia, #cronymedia.)

Saying that this picture still made me chuckle. I figure it might do the same for even our “liberal”

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Rise of the Libertarians, 10 reasons why Slate, Salon and the progressive media are afraid

Attached is an extremely well done article which lays out why it is that today’s political establishment, especially the “progressives” are so afraid of libertarianism.

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The Hipster Fascists, Enemies of Open Source Society

What is fascism?

Basically it is the government working in partnership with the corporate establishment to secure political power (for government) and profits and power (for businesses).

What we have now is a soft fascist system, crony capitalism. It’s only soft in the sense that the Gestapo for the most part is not breaking down doors willy nilly (though there are exceptions to this, and more and more). Soft fascism becomes very hard when it comes down on you or your business,

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Progressive website Alternet: How Do You Know When President Obama is Lying? MSNBC’s “Progressive” Hosts Won’t Tell You

We’ve discussed the crony media in general and MSNBC in particular many times. MSNBC works closely with Media Matters, which works closely with the White House. It’s long been an open “secret” that MSNBC is basically a propaganda arm for the current administration. (For the record much the same could be said of Fox News for most of the Bush administration.)  But the attached article is interesting because it comes from a progressive former producer at the network.

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Maddow is right on this: Pledges of allegiance to individual candidates should concern us.

Rachael Maddow is not my favorite person in the world. Her smug lean at the camera drives me nuts. But on occasion she does some good news.

In the video below she raises the issue of candidate “loyalty oaths” which have been used primarily (it is inferred and I have no counter evidence at hand) by the GOP in recent years.

She specifically discusses how the Republican Party insisted in Massachusetts recently that delegates en route to Tampa who were inclined toward Ron Paul declare in written form that they would support Mitt Romney on the floor.

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