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Are “fascism” and “socialism” just 2 sides of the same coin?

Most people who read this website probably know where we land on this question. The two ideologies have the same father and are not really that different from one another. Both are collectivist dreams. Both venerate the state over the individual. Both are obsessed with works projects and managing the economy. Both see the ends as justifying the means.

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Big Government is a Religion


I am very grateful for the broad spectrum of readers we have at Against Crony Capitalism. We certainly have a certain take on how best to deal with the growing crony capitalism in this country, and that is for the most part to shrink the enabling organ, government. It seems plain as May Day to me and I have considered the ins and outs of crony capitalism for a long time. But there are those who disagree with us.

Even with the piles of evidence we have amassed, and which is available from other sources, some people continue to believe that if only we could get “good” people in government, things would be great. It’s not the size of government they argue. It’s the nature of government. If only we could get the corporate money out of politics (rarely is the same said of unions which give more to political causes than corporations) things would work for “the people.”

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