Trump’s rural voters fighting to keep their land from a growing web of pipelines (It’s happening in ACC’s backyard, almost literally)

This is certainly true where I live. Here the Democratic governor, former DNC head (I still can’t believe he got elected) Terry McAuliffe gave the green light to a new pipeline which will be owned and operated by Dominion Power which the company hopes will run just to the south of Charlottesville Virginia (my home town).

It is interesting that the Dominion/McAuliffe pipeline is slated to run right through the heart of Nelson County (to my south) and takes a jog around the well heeled and powerful city of Charlottesville (home to The University of Virginia).

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Virginia Gov. Pardons 60,000 Felons, Enough To Swing Election

I know, I know. This is a big shocker.

Hey, the cronies control the machine and they aren’t afraid to use the machine.

As an aside I know someone who after getting out of prison (in Virginia) went through a lot of effort to regain his voting rights. But this person is unlikely to vote Governor McAuliffe’s way.

(From The Daily Caller)

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has granted voting rights to as many as 60,000 convicted felons just in time for them to register to vote,

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Pipeline Brings a Property Rights Fight to Virginia

This fight is almost literally right in my back yard. Just down the road a couple of miles or so the “no pipeline” signs start popping up.

Is private property private or not? Just because a company is big and connected does that mean that it just gets to do whatever it wants if your property happens to be in their way?

I say no. Of course not.

Our current governor (and key Clinton ally it should be mentioned) disagrees with me.

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Right after Rahm: Will Gov. McAuliffe raise human rights issues when he visits Cuban police state for “trade” deals?

I am sad to say that this time the prominent politician on his way to Havana is the Syracuse New York, Clinton operative who became Virginia (my home) Governor (barely) thanks in large part to money from Californian Tom Styer and former New York City mayor Bloomberg. Terry McAuliffe was elected by the crony class (largely) which surrounds Washington DC which would be happy to see Virginia turned into a new version of the wasteland known as New Jersey. (OK that’s not fair.

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Report: Va. governor received special treatment from Homeland Security

Ah yes, a crony dispatch from my home state, the Commonwealth of Virginia. We used to be relatively clean (or particularly good at keeping things quiet). Now the former governor is in prison and the current governor, Clinton crony and crony capitalist extraordinaire Terry McAuliffe is defending his “little” piece of the great taxpayer financed “green” stimulus rush of the early Obama years. Seems that Homeland Security may have thrown some favors the governor’s way. According to the report things look legal,

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Same as the old boss? New VA Governor’s Chief of Staff leaves an interesting voice mail

One of the things I’ve always liked about my beloved Commonwealth of Virginia is that in relative terms the state wasn’t terribly corrupt. Sure it had its issues but it wasn’t New York, Illinois, or Louisiana. However between Governor McDonnell and his convictions and now this little political gem I’m really starting to wonder.

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Virginia Gov. McAuliffe rerouted funds for inaugural

Virginia has long been known as a state that was relatively clean politically. Not clean, but not Louisiana or New Jersey either. Given the recent ethical challenges of the commonwealth’s outgoing Republican governor, and the long time crony capitalism and general opportunism of its incoming Democratic governor, Terry McAuliffe, I fear that my home state has dropped a couple of tiers on the good governance scale.

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Why a GOP crony switched sides in the 2013 VA governor’s race, $$$

Boyd Marcus is a good old boy. He was a  Republican good old boy until he switched sides last year and endorsed Terry McAuliffe the Bill Clinton confidant, former head of the DNC, and accomplished crony capitalist.

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The California billionaire who bought the Virginia Governorship for McAuliffe (and for himself).

We have lots of friends in the environmental community. We value a vibrant natural world and we have and will continue to work toward such a world through various means. We are fans of solar power, and wind, and so called “alternative” energy technologies. But within the parameters of the market. If alternative energy sources cannot operate within the marketplace such energies are by definition not sustainable.

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Super liberal Mother Jones Magazine says, “I Can’t Believe Terry McAuliffe Is Going to Be Governor of Virginia”

We congratulate Governor Elect McAuliffe on his win. It was a slugfest and he emerged from the brawl. He should enjoy the moment.

However the win was anything but a mandate. McAuliffe nearly lost the race he had been leading by double digits just a couple of weeks before. People remember his role as the chief money guy for the DLC Democrats and so many on the “Left” don’t trust him. This is a big reason why “Mac”

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Terry McAuliffe’s endorsement strategy: Peddle access to business lobbies

Taking a selfie. Thinking about all the money he made on Global Crossing before the company went belly up.

I live in the Commonwealth of Virginia and I am very sorry to say that Mr. McAuliffe is currently leading the race for governor. The man is a crony capitalist. He works the public world to cash in in the private sector and he has done it his entire career, as we have documented. Not that anyone is free of blemish in this race.

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