Forget Wall Street – Silicon Valley is the new political power in Washington

You would think that tech people would know to fight statism, but no. Of course crony capitalism is tantalizing and as such tech has followed the siren song just like other industries. It didn’t – at least not whole hog – for a while.

But those days are long gone. Then add the scourge of political correctness that infects the Bay Area and one can see the problem. This is where the thought police – or at least their enablers –

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Sharp Partisan Divisions in Views of National Institutions – Media, Colleges, etc.

I don’t care what your political disposition is, if you can’t see the absolute propaganda – not even bias – but flat out propaganda, coming from many of the “old” news outlets then you’ve got a problem.

Interestingly I have seen personally that at least a portion of my “lefty” friends/colleagues have just started to see how off the charts CNN, MSNBC, and some of the other news outlets have been. That isn’t to say that their political dispositions have changed for the most part.

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#CNNBlackmail : Tracks Down And Threatens to Dox Creator of Trump Wrestling Gif (Appears to be a 15 year old kid)

So CNN is doxxing people now (or perhaps worse, threatening to)? And it calls itself a network? And it wants people to think it’s a legitimate news source?

It thinks it’s going to intimidate the people who actually know what is up at CNN? If that is the case the outlet really hasn’t learned a thing.

We don’t think Trump should have retweeted, and the guy in question might not be the nicest of folks,

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(Alleged) Congress baseball gunman was a Trump-hating Bernie supporter

Image: ABC News

I was just south of the Beltway coming into Washington when I heard the news. 15 miles north some of the GOP congressional leadership had come under fire. A state cop streaked up the highway shoulder to my left. Above a police helicopter (it appeared) was headed in the same direction. House Whip Scalise had been shot with 4 other people.

Then a statement from Senator Paul who had been at the practice. He said he believed between 50-60 rounds had been shot.

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Hey New York Times, let’s get something straight, Obama had the “Lawless Presidency”

As we’ve said here many times we have plenty of problems with Mr. Trump. But Trump’s critique of the old media, legacy media, whatever, is pretty spot on. The media helped Obama get elected, protected Obama during his presidency, (A pretty good case could have been made for Obama’s impeachment.) and went whole hog in for Hillary Clinton. Of course The New York Times and CNN are pissed. THEY LOST.

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Did CNN just stage a protest in London for the camera? (VIDEO)

The “fake news” critique (with regard to CNN particularly) is a legitimate one. It’s not a pro-Left bias at this point, CNN seems to have become a propaganda outfit.

Earlier today Drudge pointed out that The New York Times referred to The Drudge Report as an “unofficial source.” Yet it cited CNN in the same piece as a legitimate news organization. That CNN has hosts now refering to the president as a piece of excrement is OK.

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95% of Fed Gov Employees who gave gave to Clinton, Department of Justice 97%, State Department 99% (This is the deep state and they are comfy – right now)

Image: The Hill

(From FOX News)

The constant, anonymous leaks from disgruntled federal bureaucrats aim to provide ammunition for the propaganda news media to press the attack.

The Left’s dance of destruction is stunningly choreographed.

I have been overseas for the last three days, and it has been sickening to see so many foreigners terrified because they unknowingly believe the news media’s false reports and vicious attacks. The only version of President Trump they know is the one portrayed in the 24-hour cesspool of CNN and the daily acrimony of the New York Times.

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Georgetown Professor: The true “constitutional crisis” is the concerted effort to “resist” or undermine the “norm” of a peaceful transfer of power after election.

The professor nails it. The Dems and the media are playing a very dangerous game right now. Many honestly believe that they are “resisting” Trump when they are basically doing the bidding of the political class. You aren’t “resisting” anything. You are aiding and abetting the big shots. (Of course some know this. But others, probably most, just don’t. They still consider CNN to be a legitimate news source at this point. They just don’t know.

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