As Illinois Goes Bankrupt, Michigan Embraces Bold Pension Reforms


It had better be bold if Michigan wants to avoid Illinois’s fate. Chicago caught a case of “the Detroits” after all.

Really, even Michigan’s efforts are probably not enough. The pensions that politicians promised state workers so that they could get elected aren’t based in reality. The truth is those pensions are probably going to need to be cut substantially.

And don’t cry government workers. You know (and knew) your pensions weren’t sustainable. We all knew they weren’t.

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UMich students demand no-whites-allowed space to plot ‘social justice’ activism

This is what we’ve devolved to huh? If Michigan were to capitulate on this it would be appropriate to insist on no state money for the school (might be a problem for Michigan) including student loans.  And perhaps alumni who do not agree with segregation should consider joining the #AlumniStrike too.

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“Progressive” movie maker Michael Moore Says ‘I Think Trump Is Going To Win’

We at ACC are non partisan and will never endorse any candidate for any office, ever. Just to state again.

Michael Moore’s analysis is interesting as it jibes with at least some of our thoughts. One of the reasons Trump is not well regarded by many within the GOP is because he is seen as a big government guy and a potential president who might start going tariff happy once taking up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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More implosion in Detroit: City closes 94 schools due to teacher sickout

At least it’s warm in Puerto Rico.

4 years ago we argued that Detroit ought to just declare itself a “free zone.” Cut taxes to nothing. Make the city a business friendly place in stark contrast to what it was before. The former metropolis literally has nothing to lose. Big government failed (as it always does eventually), let free enterprise come in and maybe there is a chance for something like a renaissance. A chance. (Which is more than the place has now.)

We knew of course that our calls would likely not be headed,

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Where’s the Presidential Debate on GM’s Crony Capitalism?

GM will always be GOVERNMENT MOTORS to me. Where’s our $10 billion? GM is a crony company through and through. Truly a boondoggle of massive proportions.

Now that is an excellent question. I can tell you the answer, but it’s still an excellent question.

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Ouch: Flint water crisis: residents say Hillary Clinton ‘coming for the entertainment’

I am sure Ms. Clinton will be focusing on the fact that the EPA knew that there was lead in Flint’s water for 1 full YEAR without making the information public. I’m am also sure she’ll be calling for massive reforms at the agency and exploring fully how it could be that the federal government allowed thousands to be poisoned. Almost positive that will be her area of attention.

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Father of 7 could get 5 years in prison for handing out jury nullification pamphlets, exercising his 1st Amendment right

I am not an attorney but I don’t see where this guy did anything wrong. He appears to be well within his rights as a US citizen.

Jury nullification is an important tool which allows members of a jury to vote their conscience even if the person on trial is in violation of the law. A juror can “nullify” an individual law in an individual case.

Prosecutors don’t want people to know about this tool of course but it looks like arresting this former pastor may have backfired on the judge who ordered the arrest.

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GOP Michigan Governor bans Tesla direct sales, GM smiles

Tesla shocking the marketplace.

Crony capitalism is deep in the DNA of both major parties. Republicans do it. Democrats do it. This is a case in point.

GM is a cronyism vortex. The closer one gets to the company the stronger the crony force is. Taxpayer dollars disappear into it and are gone forever. Common sense too. The free market and genuine innovation? They long ago passed over the event horizon.

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Ending Crony Capitalism in the Michigan Live Entertainment and Sports Industries

By Andrew Langer

A coalition of Michigan sports fans, consumer groups, and free market advocates are locked in a battle over the right to resell tickets. Michigan is one of the few states that still prohibits consumers from reselling their tickets on the secondary market for more than face value, without the venue’s permission.

In addition to representing a gross interference by the government in the free market, the 83 year old law has enabled big ticket companies like Ticketmaster and StubHub to create a state-sanctioned monopoly on reselling tickets for more than face value.

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How Motown Gets its Mojo Back, Rand Paul’s “Freedom Zone” Idea

This week Senator Rand Paul, who is likely running for president, suggested that Congress act to pass legislation which would declare Detroit an economic “freedom zone.” That is to lower taxes in Detroit to near 0% levels spurring business activity and development.

We at Against Crony Capitalism wholeheartedly agree with this idea. We even called for something similar last year. Unleash the market in Detroit and the city will bloom.

Few cities have been as ravaged by inept governing and crony capitalism as Detroit has.

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