Restaurant Die-Off Is First Casualty Of California’s $15 Minimum Wage

The good news is more people are cooking at home. I guess.

Look, reality is reality. Restaurants, many anyway, operate on thin margins. A forced higher wage means margins disappear as does the incentive to stay open.

If the work isn’t WORTH $15 an hour and the minimum wage is $15 an hour, that work will go away. It’s not complicated.

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“Local minimum wage hikes cause restaurants to leave or shut down and deter new ones from entering, according to a new Harvard Business School study”

Last year we discussed why a significant rise in the minimum wage in places like Seattle and San Francisco was “good” for wealthy urbanites (you know, it pushes out the undesirables [some might call them “deplorables”] in the name of “social justice”) but was actually bad for those who worked for minimum wage.

Fast forward to now.

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Baltimore mayor vetoes bill that would raise Baltimore minimum wage to $15/hour

Baltimore has run enough businesses out of town over the last 50 years. I guess the mayor figured SOME jobs should be left in the place.

Consider the politics of such a veto. Obviously in a Democrat dominated (only) city like Baltimore the way to keep the voters happy (in the short term) is to raise the wage. Everyone would have declared how it was a victory for workers etc. And yet it seems that the good mayor was mugged by economic reality.

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Leaked email shows Democrats knew that raising the minimum wage would cost jobs

The minimum wage debate is one we’ve covered closely here at ACC. One of the primary reasons is we know that a significant increase in the minimum wage above the market rate for unskilled labor will result in job losses. No one wants job losses.

But even though a significant minimum wage increase would pretty obviously put some people out of work, reduce hours for others, and force some businesses to just close up shop, there are those who have continued to push for a higher wage.

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The Bitter Lesson From Seattle’s Minimum Wage Hike

The push for a higher minimum wage is a subject that we’ve followed closely at ACC. It is such an obvious example of ridiculous pandering to political constituencies. But that’s run of the mill stuff. What makes “Fight for 15” fascinating to us is that a $15/hour minimum wage would hurt the very people calling for an increase in the minimum wage.

As such we’ve watched this effort with a mix of bemusement and sadness. Bemusement because so many people want to believe that sheer will alone will make a $15 an hour minimum wage work.

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Progressivism’s Parade of Horrors

We at ACC give anyone who is respectful of the site and other readers a chance to share their views. We count many “progressive” readers within our audience and we are thankful for them. But many of these “progressive” readers are likely unfamiliar with the history of progressivism.

It was not about broad, inclusive, social justice. On the contrary, it is a philosophy which often embraced racism and even eugenics in the name of “progress.” (Not to mention government sponsored cartels for the benefit of vested interests,

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