With Christie hobbled, Jeb Bush’s lukewarm (at best) reception, Establishment GOP floats another Romney run?

Yes, this is the genius masterstroke the DC GOP has been waiting for.

You have to hand it to the establishment. They keep trying. So what if Romney is another big government Republican which a large part of the GOP vote couldn’t really support in 2012. The consultants which got paid big time during the 2012 Romney run could get paid again! And if Romney could somehow get the nomination it would be another blow to the libertarian/conservative coalition in the Tea Party.

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Republican Crony Class: 2014 Elections will be a throwdown, Washington must “shed the trappings of royalty.”

The battle for the heart of the GOP is on. The establishment Republican Party is not concerned with liberty, it is concerned with power. As freedom and dignity ebb away, day by day, month by month, for the average person, the GOP leadership cruises along muttering under its breath about the Tea Party. The turd in the punch bowl. The party poopers. The guys and gals who actually want to reverse the growth of government. Don’t the small government people know that there is no money in taking favors away from donors.

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Rove Declares War on the Tea Party (On Tea Party 3.0?)

I really liked the first iteration of the Tea Party, the one that was more aligned with libertarian values than anything. Quickly however it morphed into a more socially conservative entity which I feared would be completely co-oped by the powers that be. It was.

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Crony Consultants in the GOP? Ari Fleischer Talks with WashPo, CNN, But Not Breitbart.com?

Say what you will about the Breitbart suite of online media. Are they over the top sometimes? Absolutely. But do they also do great reporting and interesting and valuable news? Without doubt. The attached article is an example of this.

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Obama Accuses the GOP of Madness, Perhaps, but there’s Plenty to Go Around

The reason Obama said this recently at a fundraiser in New England was because he honestly believes proposals such as the (increasingly dead) Ryan plan are extreme. Not even close Mr. President. Not even close.

Basically Obama is a statist. Some people consider the word a sort of slur, which it is not. Obama is committed to the state. That’s who he is. He believes that Washington is full of smart people and that the rest of America should just fall in line.

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The End of the Party of Small Government

(This was originally written as a newspaper column.)

Republicans haven’t always been for small government. Teddy Roosevelt was a progressive and used the state to do all sorts of things, including establishing our system of national parks. Herbert Hoover, despite his reputation as a small government guy was anything but for limited government. In fact FDR ran to the right of Hoover in 1932 on government spending. Nixon founded the EPA, the National Endowment for the arts,

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