Trump and Clinton share Delaware tax ‘loophole’ address

One person’s tax “loophole” is another person’s “pocket of freedom.” There is absolutely nothing wrong with minimizing one’s tax outlay legally. Better the person who earned the money keep it, invest it, and create opportunities than have it feed the Washington government behemoth. Frankly one has an obligation to minimize one’s tax bill as I see it.

Saying that, it’s interesting that Trump and Clinton share a corporate address. (With many many others.) Kind of cute almost.

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Enemy of the banks Andrew Jackson gone from the $20 bill, Replaced by Harriet Tubman, Friend of the banks Hamiliton remains on the $10 bill

We think Harriet Tubman isn’t such a bad choice. However, removing Andrew Jackson from the currency is a shame. He killed the first central bank of the United States, The Bank of the United States, and that is something for which every American should be grateful. He is in addition the only president who with the help of allies paid off the national debt.

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April 5 is yet another “day that will live in infamy.” (The day FDR started confiscating – some prefer the word “stealing” – citizen gold)

(The was a post on Facebook from Lawrence Reed at FEE)

April 5 is yet another “day that will live in infamy.” On this date in 1933, Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102, which criminalized the possession of monetary gold. Americans were ordered to hand over their gold coin and bullion to the government in less than a month (by May 1) under penalty of $10,000 fine and/or up to 10 years in prison, so that the government could more easily inflate the money supply.

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Negative interest rates put the global economy on a razor’s edge

We are slipping into an economic Twilight Zone. Across the globe, in different countries, the poles are shifting along with banking math. Negative rates of interest are creeping over the planet.

Negative rates will encourage debtors while robbing what is left from savers at an accelerated rate. It is foolishness. It is unwise. Negative rates will extend the malaise (malaise is a nice way of putting it) that the world seems unable to shake even 8 years on from 2008.

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Why socialism always fails

And they failed…But not before killing millions of people first. Either directly or through the implementation of terrible economic programs.

It’s important to understand that crony capitalism, the partnering of special interests with government to amass wealth for the partnering entities is a form of socialism. Crony capitalism does not work if there isn’t a government to hand out cash and influence. Government is cronyism’s catalyst.

The bigger the state, the regulations, the favoritism, the programs, the tax burden,

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Economic Freedom in the Arab World (Modern crony capitalism has contributed to instability)

Arabic dialects

One of the reasons for instability in the Arab world is the rampant crony capitalism in the region. We have argued this in the past. Indeed the young man’s suicide which sparked the uprising in Tunisia a few years ago was directly tied to crony capitalism.

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Here Are 100 Reasons Why We Need To Audit The Federal Reserve

I personally don’t need 100 reasons. It should be audited, a real audit of discussions at the FOMC etc., tomorrow. Heck, I don’t even need it audited. Closing it down would be a better idea.

But for those who need to learn a little more about why the Federal Reserve is the prime mover of crony capitalism Zerohedge has provided us with a nice long list of grievances against the institution.

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Here’s How Much More Money Obama Wants For Global Warming Programs

Believe it or not I actually attended this rally as an observer. I marched along with everyone and everything. It was literally the coldest day of the winter which was kind of funny.

This is not the venue to discuss global warming, or climate change, or whatever. I have friends in the environmental movement for whom climate change is an important issue and one they take very seriously. I have been fortunate to hear their perspectives over the years and they have informed me on the issue.

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