Planned Parenthood unveils six-figure Clinton ad buy in Iowa

We reported before that the largely taxpayer funded organization had not only endorsed Hillary Clinton for president (it has never endorsed anyone before) but was also planning on spending $20 million dollars in battleground states supporting Ms. Clinton. I guess this is the start of that.

Planned Parenthood receives almost a half billion dollars from taxpayers (this is insane to me sorry) to engage in acts which many Americans find deeply abhorrent. How the organization can justify such obvious partisanship in light of their taxpayer funding makes little sense to me.

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Steve Forbes Speaks Out on the Presidential Race, Fed Recklessness, and Gold

Mr. Forbes’s views are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of ACC.

Mike Gleason, Director, Money Metals Exchange: It is my great privilege to welcome Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Magazine, CEO of Forbes, Inc. to our Money Metals Exchange podcast. Steve is also author of many fabulous books,

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(Not a joke) California politicians to don donor logos if ballot initiative succeeds

We have long made the case that legislators should have to wear sponsor logos on their suits. In California someone is actually trying to make such a thing happen.

Seriously, how fantastic would this be?

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Pentagon unable to explain how $800 million program in Afghanistan failed

Nobody knows where all the money went. The guy running the program said he just approved projects without having any idea how much they were going to cost.

Nothing like having a pile of taxpayer money to play with I say. No need to be exact. Hell, no need to even be remotely competent apparently. Just write those checks and dump them into that giant hole in the Kandahar Desert.

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Competition Cures Crony Capitalism and Drives a Meritocratic Economy

A very interesting examination of crony capitalism in Israel. Surprise surprise the political class there gets the pay and privilege too.

The author also points out a very key point. Industries which are protected by regulation tend to get fat and develop an insider, old boys club mentality. Where there is competition companies are lean and productivity and ingenuity are rewarded. This creates opportunities for newcomers who are skilled and work hard even if they aren’t in the “club.”

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Clinton tops 2016 field in drug industry donations (By a lot)

But…But…But… I thought Hilary didn’t like the pharmaceutical companies. I thought they didn’t like her either. Hmmm.

When asked in the first Democratic presidential debate for an example of a political enemy, she named the drug companies. That was the word: “enemy.”

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A Free Market in Interest Rates

Gold is real power in the hands of people. This is the main reason central banks, Marx, Lenin, Keynes and many other “planners” throughout history have hated it. The “barbarous relic.” A tool of the petty bourgeoisie. Kind of like guns in the hands of the citizenry, gold has served as a check on the excesses of those in power. Gold flows have historically impacted rates of interest. Those who would prefer to set rates of interest themselves however, find gold very inconvenient.

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The IRS wants your Social Security number recorded if you give $250 or more to a nonprofit (Better donate to the right causes.)

This is an attempt at intimidation. The IRS has no business knowing your political affiliations. Especially in the wake of the Lois Lerner debacle at the IRS this move is just insulting. The IRS has been politicized, openly politicized by this administration, and now it is grabbing for even more power.

Seriously, whose country is this anyway?

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No, China’s Renminbi Is Not The U.S. Dollar’s Equal

In one, and perhaps the most important respect they are in fact equal. Both the dollar and the yuan (renminbi) are fiat currencies. But point taken.

The dollar is as we have said, still King Dollar. But having put down a revolt in the Eurozone the Americans now are presented with a China which is openly plotting against the king. And the Chinese believe they now see a path to the crown. Gaining special drawing rights is a large step down that path.

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