Trump Administration Seeks to Avoid Withdrawal From Paris Climate Accord

“See, these people only want what is best for Americans…You can trust them.” 

Trump’s instincts were right on this to begin with. Or maybe they were Steve Bannon’s. Either way they were correct. The Paris Climate Accords should not include the US. We should not agree to the system of global income redistribution (sure to go to cronies in the “developing world”) that is embedded in this “climate” accord.

Climate change is an issue that should be explored and considered.

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The NFL Is a Product I Refuse to Purchase Any Longer

The NFL is a deeply crony organization as we’ve chronicled here. (See the links below.) But now, it feels like the NFL is, if not imploding, just dying on the vine.

Sports in many ways is the thing guys use to NOT talk about politics. It was the thing one could talk about in the elevator, over beers, with one’s father-in-law that in the end didn’t really matter. Dem, Republican, other, whatever, we could all complain about our losing team or celebrate our winning team.

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Cryptocurrencies threaten central banks’ control over money supply — and officials study using their technology

I’ll bet they are studying it. Cryptos are a direct challenge to the central banks and it’s not like the banks are just going to capitulate and let Bitcoin take over the world. The Chinese for instance just moved against Bitcoin.

There have been other efforts from the powers that be to derail alternative currencies. There will be more efforts in the future. The central banks will probably crash cryptos if they can,

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Statist POLITICO: How hospitals got richer off Obamacare (Cronycare)

I mean it’s only 6 years late. But at least someone over there is getting part of a clue on how crony Obamacare is. Of course Politico thinks the government isn’t doing enough. (These folks it seems will NEVER learn.)

And the thing to keep in mind is that “tax breaks” don’t cost the taxpayer anything. They can be crony. They can be unfair. But “tax breaks” don’t COST anything. It just means that a taxpayer gets to keep his/her/its money that he/she/it earned.

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This is what globalized crony capitalism looks like, GE’s (former) CEO Jeff Immelt

He was one of the crony “kings” until yesterday. Once the toast of the Obama White House, (he headed the “Jobs Council”) the shareholders of General Electric gave him the ole’ heave ho earlier than expected.

Of course Immelt leaves the scene an extremely wealthy man and much of this wealth comes courtesy of US taxpayers.

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Hey New York Times, let’s get something straight, Obama had the “Lawless Presidency”

As we’ve said here many times we have plenty of problems with Mr. Trump. But Trump’s critique of the old media, legacy media, whatever, is pretty spot on. The media helped Obama get elected, protected Obama during his presidency, (A pretty good case could have been made for Obama’s impeachment.) and went whole hog in for Hillary Clinton. Of course The New York Times and CNN are pissed. THEY LOST.

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When a quarter is actually worth $8*


I wrote this 6 years ago for The Liberty and Economics Review. My first website of any consequence. I thought our readers might enjoy reading it.

At the time we were just barely considering climbing out of the depths of the Great Recession and we were seeing a solid (though brief) bit of price inflation. This price inflation was hammered later however by the massive move down in oil prices as OPEC and the US frackers went toe to toe and drove the price of fuel down.

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Politics at the Fed is the rule, not the exception

Federal Reserve “independence” is a convenient untruth for the Fed and for many in the Washington political class. The Fed is absolutely influenced by politics. This is evident even to the fairly casual observer.

(From The Dallas News)

Carnegie Mellon University’s Allan Meltzer, a distinguished monetary economist, had this to say about Fed policy during the crisis: “Under Mr. Bernanke, the Fed has sacrificed its independence and become the monetary arm of the Treasury.”…

…Bernanke’s Fed seemed to care just as much about the health of prestigious financial houses as the state of the economy.

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