Morning Joe (Tom Brokaw and Mika) Attacks CNN, Buzzfeed Report On Trump And Russia: ‘There’s No Story Here’

This whole Russia thing has been truly bizarre. I’ve been following it tick by tick since the beginning and I’ve yet to see what Russia actually did. (Not that we think it’s beyond Putin to do something.) And now this silliness from CNN and Buzzfeed? This is ridiculous. Sorry Mr. Podesta, but somebody on your side probably spilled the beans. (Not that we know anything special.) Deal. You lost. At this point your crew is just hurting the country.

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Morning Joe speaks the truth: Scarborough Blasts Mainstream Media’s Liberal Bias: ‘They Are Embarrassing Themselves’ (Video)

“Outside of Britt Hume who has been a conservative in the mainstream media over the last 30 years?” …You can’t name one.”

Finally, finally the Republicans are sticking it to the media which has always been against them.

Look, we are no particular fans of the Republicans as we often say, but it is about time the GOP called the #oldmedia out. Good job Joe. We’ll forgive you for hugging supercrony Valarie Jarrett for this one.

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More Crony Media: Mika (Of MSNBC) Admits: If Gruber Were Republican, MSM ‘Would Be Exploding’

The the gaggle of Dem insiders tries to compare Johnathan Gruber to David Stockman which is a joke. Stockman in the 80s was exposing how dysfunctional and large the government was (is), and how no one even in the Reagan Administration really wanted the government to shrink. Gruber on the other hand was schooling other political hacks on how to lie to the American people and take advantage of the fact that bureaucrats don’t know their hindquarters from a hole in the wall.

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More Crony Media? Do some guests on “Morning Joe” pay-to-play through speaking fees?

Last year it published a story about Joe and Mika in Detroiter Magazine, its glossy newsletter. The profile was … how to put it? Flattering? Fawning? Hagiographic? Nope. Those adjectives fall short. More like a North Korean news agency press release on Adderall.

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Joe Scarborough on IRS scandal, “This is tyrannical.” Why the silence from Obama? Great clip.

When MSNBC is hammering the president things have got to be pretty darn bad. I think a lot of journalists who long thought that they were on the “good list” now recognize that even they, even the guilded messengers who delivered Obama the White House, can be tossed aside in the name of consolidating presidential power.

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David Axelrod Joins NBC News, MSNBC As Senior Political Analyst, Chuck Todd Says Media Bias a Myth

Chuck Todd the NBC News Political Director (who I once interned for) just went on Morning Joe and explained that the supposed “liberal” media bias is a myth. That is the reason he explains, why many “conservatives” won’t come on #oldmedia news shows anymore. The problem, according to Todd, is that the younger staffers of these leaders have bought into this myth.

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