Study: Tesla Car Battery Production Releases As Much CO2 As 8 Years Of Driving On Gas

I like Teslas because they are fast. Aside from that the styling is nothing interesting and the eco benefits are at best – well not all that great.

Additionally Tesla is a deeply crony company that survives, even now, only because of subsidies.

But they are fast.

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Misleading, perhaps even ignorant headline from The Verge: Trump is turning Elon Musk into a crony capitalist (Musk has ALWAYS been a crony capitalist)

Elon Musk is a big time, fully fledged crony capitalist. And he’s always been one. Crony capitalism is Elon Musk’s business model. He uses taxpayer dollars for his projects. He seeks subsidies where he can. You, the taxpayers have paid for his success. Trump, who is no stranger to crony capitalism hasn’t TURNED Musk into anything. Musk just understands where his bread is buttered and that the butter comes from the American taxpayer. Many of Musk’s fans however do not understand this.

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Beltway robber baron (and swamp thing) Elon Musk already infiltrating Trump administration

Trump needs to be careful. It seems like he’s hanging out with a quite a few “swamp things” these days. Of course it should be remembered that Trump often used crony tools to his advantage such as eminent domain. So he may not even see these folks as swamp things. But he should.

Cronies play a strange game. It’s mixture of straight power, seduction, assumed privilege, and back scratching. It’s an ugly, big government game.

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That makes 5 vice presidents who have left in 3 months: Two Tesla Production Chiefs to Leave Ahead of Model 3 Ramp-Up

I have to admit I do love the gull wing doors. However the last taxpayer backed car with gull wing doors didn’t do so well.

We’ve said before that Elon Musk isn’t a crony king (other people hold that crown) but more of a crony prince. But he is a crony to be sure (no matter how much good press he gets) as many of his most famous endeavors hinge on government (taxpayer) funding. Tesla,

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Chris Christie Signs Bill Allowing Tesla to Start Direct Sales in New Jersey

There shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place but Christie bowed to the car dealers last year and kept Tesla out. The big guy in Trenton it seems has changed his mind however and so now New Jerseyites (ans?) will be able to buy the $85,000 cars in their home state. And that is a relief.

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Is Elon Musk taking taxpayers for a ride with 3 different govt sponsored companies?

 I once almost literally stumbled into a Tesla dealership. I was walking back to the Metro after a lunch meeting somewhere in Downtown Washington DC when I looked over and in the bottom floor of a mirrored glass building were 2 Teslas and a salesman.

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