White House Intervened To Suppress Hillary email Scandal, Leaked Emails Reveal

If there is one thing that defines Obama’s presidency it is the fait accompli. The White House denies, denies, denies, and then when it’s obvious that the White House engaged in some sort of nefarious behavior the president just looks at the critics and says, “Do something about it now.”

Just get Obamacare over the finish line. (You can keep your doctor. It’ll save the average family money.)  Just start the amnesty program without Congress’s approval.

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Obama’s army of public relations staffers costs U.S. taxpayers $500M per year

Half a billion dollars for US taxpayers to pay for Obama’s spin, his propaganda, his effort to control the “narrative.”

This is just flat out abuse of the taxpayer. Take our money to sell things like Obamacare and drone wars and “stimulus” and then charge us for these boneheaded ideas too.

This is part of the great Washington scam also. How many spin people does the administration need? Oh, this many…

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Watch as CNN abruptly cuts from Bernie protesters stopping delegates from entering convention to…Boys II Men? (VIDEO)

This is American media now folks. There is real news happening, obviously important news. But one can almost hear the producer in Jake Tapper’s ear yelling…“Look, just cut away…The DNC does not want this on the air…Just cut away…”

Of course we can only speculate as to what was really happening. Maybe someone in the control room just wanted to watch Boys II Men.

This is why they say “the revolution won’t be televised.”

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What is “nonlinear (narrative) warfare”? 5 minute VIDEO from Adam Curtis (A “red pill” kind of video)

This is pretty heady and heavy stuff. I don’t agree with every point made in this short clip but it asks an interesting question.

How much of what is presented to us as news, as important, is just manufactured?

Likely a good bit. If so, why are these narratives manufactured in the first place? Is the public deliberately presented with contusing information and concepts by powerful interests? If so can this be countered?

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How the ‘New York Times’ and Loretta Lynch Made Me Join the NRA

We write often of the #cronymedia the #oldmedia, as tools by which certain powers that be disseminate an “official” narrative. This seems likely the case with the New York Times’s front page editorial calling for gun confiscation. We know that The New York Times has a long history of working closely with the current administration. (Not that this is necessarily the case this time.) Call it a public talking points memo. The concern is not with terrorism but with guns and gun owners.

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Rolling Stone Sued For $25M By Fraternity Implicated in Rape Story

This whole episode happened at The University of Virginia, which is in Charlottesville, which is my home.

When the story broke there was much concern and furrowed brows everywhere. How could this have happened? See, college must be made “safe” for women. And so on.

Then I read the article. It felt hollow. It didn’t feel right. It felt made up.

If I hadn’t lived in Charlottesville I don’t know that it would have felt as false as it did.

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Hey, what’s better than the CIA and Hollywood working together? (Zero Dark Thirty a propaganda piece? No!)

How about the CIA giving Secret clearance to filmmakers? That’s even better!

As we’ve noted before, Hollywood and the government have long had a weird relationship. And as a general rule one should pay attention to the official narrative streams which come from the media. Whether from Hollywood, TV, or other places, there often seems to be a theme presented in the media over a period of time. It’s almost like outfits like Media Matters are actually crafting narratives for the powers that be.

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CBS Goes on the Defensive After Clinton Emails Reveal “Planted” Questions for Wikileaks Interview

We posted on this yesterday. But it’s worth another look.

So a staffer at the State Department said in an email (revealed in one of the Hillary email dumps)  that the agency had “planted” questions in a 60 Minutes interview with Julian Assange.

“Planted” is the word used by the staffer as one can see in the below email.

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