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Are “fascism” and “socialism” just 2 sides of the same coin?

Most people who read this website probably know where we land on this question. The two ideologies have the same father and are not really that different from one another. Both are collectivist dreams. Both venerate the state over the individual. Both are obsessed with works projects and managing the economy. Both see the ends as justifying the means.

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Kyle Bass at Hayman Capital – How does the global debt ponzi scheme end? — War.

Bass makes a whole series of insightful observations regarding the global economy in the attached video, observations of the type one is unlikely to hear expressed on CNBC . But he makes one particularly chilling point. We have never seen peace time debt levels like this. In the past when debt levels spiked, during and just before war, the losers of the war got saddled with the debt. What happens now with much higher levels of debt to GDP ratios than we’ve ever seen, when the world is for the most part at peace?

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