Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina come out swinging against net neutrality rules

As we have long stated, “Net Neutrality” is good old crony capitalism. The government “regulates” and friends of the government do well. That’s pretty much how much of our economy works and it’s how “Net Neutrality” is set to work.

This is one issue which the cronies played particularly well. Many pretty sophisticated people got on this bandwagon with the Obama administration. We believe that many will regret that they did. (If they don’t regret it already.)

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FCC versus Your Health

Will the FCC under “Net neutrality” kill an important and promising area of innovation in medicine, “mobile medicine”?

The FCC may not kill such innovation completely but it may slow it down, likely by a lot. This is a particular shame as the people who may benefit most from “mobile medicine” are the poor and otherwise isolated and marginalized.

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Goodlatte Predicts $11 Billion In New Taxes, Fees From Net’s New Rules (It’s really about Net CONTROL)

I’ll bet that when all is said and done “Net neutrality” will result in a lot more than $11 billion in new taxes. The directive from the FCC constitutes a federal “virtual land grab.”  Too much goes on in the free and open Internet for the government’s liking. The Feds want a piece of it and to ultimately control it. Control the Internet and the information traveling on it and one can institute things like the anti-free speech “Fairness Doctrine.”  

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How Government-Imposed ‘Net Neutrality’ Is Recipe for Crony Capitalism

Think about this for a moment.

This is such an annoying topic in a couple respects. 1 because “Net neutrality” is basically a done deal unless the courts rip it apart. But either way its out of the public’s hands. And 2 because a large number of smart people are convinced that “Net neutrality” is actually net neutrality. It’s like the Patriot Act circa 2002. No one could see that the Patriot Act wasn’t actually patriotic. Well, some folks did but they weren’t listened to at the time.

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New York Post: Google controls what we buy, the news we read — and Obama’s policies

Google is a highly politicized company. An ardent supporter of the current president, members of Google’s senior staff even helped Obama get elected in 2012. This would be bad enough if Google was in the business of oil, or cars, or even jet fighters. But Google is in the business of INFORMATION.

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Guess what, Netflix doesn’t like “Net neutrality” after all

Well thanks Netflix. We’re stuck with this new regulatory regime thanks in large part to you. It sure would have been helpful if you had made your real feelings known (or had thought things through sufficiently) before the bureaucrats descended on our beloved Net. Sure would have been nice if you, the creators of House of Cards with its loyal, politically engaged fan base said something before the virtual land grab. Would have been nice. But it’s too late now.

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How come Google got to see proposed “Net neutrality” rules (and get them changed) but the public cannot?

Putting aside the fact that Google may very well be right here this development just reflects whose interests are represented at the FCC. It’s not ours that’s for sure.

Why won’t Commissioner Wheeler testify before Congress before the vote? Why can’t the public see the now secret rules before they are adopted? Google apparently got to.

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Electronic Frontier Foundation throws red flag up on part of “Net neutrality.”

I have great respect for EFF. They do great work and have done much to protect the Internet. They led the way on beating back SOPA for instance. I even once helped put together a conference which had a panel which featured John Perry Barlow the founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The discussion was around Internet freedom.

I am a fan.

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At the very least we should be able to see the new ‘Net neutrality’ rules

Public comments on proposed Net neutrality rules, from last summer.

We should be able to see the rules before things start happening officially. I think we’ve all had enough of the “we’ll find out what’s in it when it goes into effect” bit. If there is nothing of concern in the rules then the FCC and the administration need not worry. The public generally is pro “net neutrality” (though most, including many people making decisions in Washington,

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Why you perhaps you should rethink your pro-“Net neutrality” position (Short video)

This is the question put very well. From Techcrunch.com

I have to say that I am all “Net neutralitied” out today. I spent more time than normal in the comments section of a previous post today on the subject and I’ve been reading about the arcane aspects of Net neutrality for a week. Time for a break.

But you know I saw this great little video on the subject on Twitter and I just felt like it deserved a post.

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