Fat Cat de Blasio vs. New York’s Poor and Middle Class

Bill “I literally honeymooned in Cuba” de Blasio is a man who has long loved the state. His generous pay comes from taxpayers and long has. He has spent a career in the crony bubble. The New York City crony bubble at that.

His economics are ludicrous. His politics equally so. Of course the 2 tie in together.

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Too many laws. Eric Garner, a victim of an over-regulated state. Rand Paul makes a statement (Video)

Eric Garner was selling cigarettes on the street and 6 cops took him down? He died because he was making pennies selling Newports? Why such strict enforcement of this ridiculous prohibition?  Think it has anything to do with the fact that those loose cigarettes are UNTAXED cigarettes? You bet it does.

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Bloomberg Says Interpretation of Constitution Will ‘Have to Change’ After Boston Bombing

What is with this guy? He just thinks there is too much freedom. Guns, salt, soda, whatever. He knows best. The citizenry are to be tolerated to the degree that they are living annuities which keep the economy humming and that is about it.

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NYC Mayor Bloomberg: Government has right to ‘infringe on your freedom’

I’ve seen Mr. Bloomberg a few times in person. Each time he holds court and the people around him defer and genuflect. I get a very Napoleon like vibe from him.

I wonder if he, like Napoleon did, thinks that he is guided by a “shining star.” That Bloomberg’s will is fate, and fate is his will. New York is blessed to be under his rule.

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“Good” Politics: The Government Redefines Poverty (In a way in which poverty likely will NEVER be “reduced”)

 The federal government has just decided that poverty for family of 4 in New York City means an income of up to $37,500, not $22,500.  Quite a leap. As before, the figure excludes earned income tax credit cash checks from the government and also medical and other non-cash assistance.

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