New York Times publisher vows to ‘rededicate’ paper to reporting honestly

The crony media establishment just got hammered. All the insider dealing. The questions leaked to Clinton. The railing against actual reporting by Wikileaks. The fawning. The reverence. All of it failed. And The New York Times, arguably, led the way. (Though other large media outlets were worse.)

Boy, what a shame that the paper is hemorrhaging money. (And that was before the media smackdown.)

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David Brooks: Less Educated Will Vote For Trump No Matter What, “Going With Their Gene Pool”

Mr. Books has a cocktail party circuit to maintain. He must remain welcome in polite company.

As we say regularly at Against Crony Capitalism, we do not endorse any political candidates for any office in any race ever.

One area of particular interest for us in the current presidential race is the arrogance and dismissal of so many fortunate people (particularly in the media) of people who have not seen particularly good fortune since the the 2008 Crash and before.

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This Election Has Disgraced the Entire Profession of Journalism

A very good article written by a journalist with a leftward political list. (Which he admits from the outset.) He’s tough on Hillary and he is pretty tough on Trump. But he is hardest on the Washington/New York cabal of “journalists” that has been exposed as little more than a den of propagandists in this election. Of course we’ve long talked about the #cronymedia and the #oldmedia but it’s good to see other folks, journalists,  speaking out now.

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New York Times reports: Surprising New Evidence Shows Bias in Police Use of Force but Not in Shootings

The New York Times is about as “liberal” as one can get this side of The Village Voice. An important story at an important time.

The thing is we have too many laws in this country. We have codes written on top of codes and there are serious incentives in our system for police centered revenue generation. Cops make money, often, for municipalities. This is not a good incentive structure for justice.

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The new battle cry: Why can’t the media ‘stop’ Trump? (This is not the media’s role in America)

It is not the role of the media to “stop” anyone from running for or winning the American presidency. That some would argue that it is should worry Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike. The media is to report, sometimes to opine, but certainly not derail (even if it could) a candidacy just because a certain group of people finds a particular candidate distasteful.

That there are those in the media seriously making the case that the media needs to “stop”

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To All Those New York City Journalists Horrified By Cruz’s Jab: Get Over Yourselves

The best thing to come out of New York.

I like New York. Half of my family is from Manhattan (“Dry dock Country” as they say). I’ve been backstage at Carnegie Hall. I’ve run around Central Park plenty of times. I’ve wandered the canyons of Downtown and been in the kind of clubs many folks think died in 1981. I’ve spoken on the stage of the Cipriani and in the shadow of the new World Trade Center. I had too many beers in the straight bar (and former Kerouac hangout) right next to the Stonewall.

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How the ‘New York Times’ and Loretta Lynch Made Me Join the NRA

We write often of the #cronymedia the #oldmedia, as tools by which certain powers that be disseminate an “official” narrative. This seems likely the case with the New York Times’s front page editorial calling for gun confiscation. We know that The New York Times has a long history of working closely with the current administration. (Not that this is necessarily the case this time.) Call it a public talking points memo. The concern is not with terrorism but with guns and gun owners.

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Mediaite: David Brock (Of Soros sponsored Media Matters) Officially Goes Loco with NY Times ‘Conservative Propaganda’ Slam

You know things are getting a bit weird when “progressives” (well one very odd progressive) start accusing the New York Times, The Times, you know, The New York Times of being a conservative mouthpiece. That’s like saying Fox is pulling out the stops for Bernie Sanders. It is ludicrous. But hey, that’s David Brock.

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New York Times adds 20 opinion writers (We are not among them)

One commentor on the attached article said it best;

“I thought every writer at the NYT was an opinion writer.” 

That’s a fair statement.

And even though there is a former Bush speech writer, a clerk for Justice Roberts, and a few apolitical types (they look apolitical anyway) on the list, every one of the new opinion writers for The Times appear to be pretty safe choices. There isn’t one –

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Paul Krugman tries to claim that Obama’s suicidal economics and not lower fuel prices have buoyed the American consumer

Krug and cat in repose.

To be fair Obama’s not really the economics type. (He after all spends his mornings watching Sports Center as we recently learned.) The suicidal policies really come from people around him.

This has been a relatively good Christmas in the United States in economic terms however–relatively. It’s been a long slog. We have suffered through years and years of government meddling and manipulation which have slowed the recovery.

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The New York Times likes Jeb Bush, Just like Chris Matthews likes Jeb Bush

I wonder why they “like” the Republican so much?

Just think, if Jeb were president with Boehner in the House and McConnell in the Senate wouldn’t that be great? Statist Republican wishywashies holding America’s hand all the way to Hell. The 3 Amigos. What fun we’ll have.

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Inside the Mind of an Oligarch – Sheldon Adelson Proclaims “I Don’t Like Journalism”

Just as a reminder this is the same guy who is spreading money around the Senate in an effort to keep online gambling illegal. He owns a chain of casinos of course. Adelson is also the fellow who all the Republican presidential hopefuls (except Rand Paul) lined up to see (and to pitch) earlier this year in Las Vegas. The magnate is also a good friend of Harry Reid.

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Scared Statists: Krugman and Frum say there is no ‘Libertarian Moment’

The times they are a changin.’

They are referring to the widely read and sited “Libertarian Moment” article in the New York Times Magazine of last week.

By no means a libertarian puff piece, it simply reports on the new found prominence of libertarianism generally.

We argued that there actually was no “moment,” but an emergence of a political philosophy which simply works better in the 21st Century than the top down command and control methods of the 20th Century,

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