When Billionaires Build Stadiums, Taxpayers Get Whacked

The NFL is deeply crony.

Hey taxpayers – pay for my stadium. Thanks. What? You want “free” tickets? Ha! That’s funny. Don’t you know nothing’s free? Don’t worry though. You can look at the stadium you built me on TV. 

There are no tears shed here for the NFL’s ongoing decline.

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The NFL Is a Product I Refuse to Purchase Any Longer

The NFL is a deeply crony organization as we’ve chronicled here. (See the links below.) But now, it feels like the NFL is, if not imploding, just dying on the vine.

Sports in many ways is the thing guys use to NOT talk about politics. It was the thing one could talk about in the elevator, over beers, with one’s father-in-law that in the end didn’t really matter. Dem, Republican, other, whatever, we could all complain about our losing team or celebrate our winning team.

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Don’t blame Trump: Sports is why sports ratings are down

I used to watch the NFL. Then I stopped. But I still sort of cared. But then after a while I didn’t care either. It become too slick for me. All the betting, and the (in my opinion) stupid fantasy leagues, and the non-stop sports radio discussing ad nauseum the week’s games and even draft picks. Too much.

I remember driving in my car a few years ago, listening to one of the 2 DC FM sports radio stations and thinking to myself,

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The (Crony) NFL Is in Decline

Football was the only sport I was ever really good at and I used to love it. (Though I abandoned playing by junior high.)

I was a pretty good soccer player. I loved and love surfing, though at my very best I still wasn’t an “A” or even “B+” level surfer. I’m a reasonably good golfer. I used to play a lot of tennis. But football was the only sport where there was even the glimmer of something extraordinary for me.

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Better Beware: Fantasy football company employees bet at rival sites skewing data, use inside info

How the whole fantasy football thing gets around the ban on online gambling in the US I’d like to know. It sure looks like online gambling to me. Not that it shouldn’t be completely legal. Just that if we poker players don’t get to play online how come the fantasy football guys get to?*

Regardless, it looks like fantasy football is struggling with some of the same issues which plagued online poker. (Back when online poker was legal.) Specifically that one must take a leap of faith when gambling online.

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Fans ask – “Is the NFL fixed?”

I stopped watching the NFL a long time ago. I grew up with football. I like football. I still watch college football. But the NFL long ago lost its shine for me.

On this however I have been an outlier. Over the past 15 years the NFL has only grown more popular even while the “non profit organization” has become ever more slick and more crony. (Taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for stadiums.)

Even still I’ve always assumed,

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The NFL and politicians love to take money from taxpayers

The Rams are threatening to move back to LA?

I just got used to them in Saint Louis.

I’m sorry but this looks like a pretty cool stadium to me.

As we’ve said before, for many pro sports is a religion. As such the fervor and irrational behavior of adherents to the creed are manipulated by the people who run the show. Just like any religion.

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NFL’s Corporate Welfare Even Gives Fans Pause

Our taxpayer subsidized cathedrals.

I was talking to an avid NFL fan recently and he thinks the league has seen its zenith and it will be a slow decline from here on out. The brain trauma scandal isn’t helping things and neither are the kinds of deals team owners get.

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Super Bowl champ Baltimore Ravens getting paid $130,000 to promote Obamacare

The NFL said they wouldn’t engage in the propaganda push after the administration asked for the league’s participation.The Ravens however are cool with Obamacare propaganda apparently. It is particularly interesting that this announcement just happens to come in the heart of the Healthcare.gov troubles.

Baltimore is not far from Washington DC.

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