Influential Economist Warns, Civil Unrest Is Rising Everywhere: “This Won’t End Pretty”

Truly it will not end well if people keep buying into the simple minded notion that the government is somehow their friend. That the state will mete out justice on behalf of the “people.” That somehow by expanding the power of the politicians life will be made better.

The government is to be tolerated. There are things it must do. But it is not your friend unless you are in the political class. Most of us are not.

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The VA’s Socialist (fool’s) Paradise

Single payer now now!
What’s good enough for our veterans is good enough for everyone else!

There is a small part of the US population which clings to the dream of “single payer,” that is solely taxpayer funded healthcare. The belief is that everyone will be covered without so much as a co-pay (God forbid) and that the quality of care will be equivalent to what one can expect in the United States now. (Which could be much better.) Yes,

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The targeting of political dissent by the IRS represents a clear and present danger to the American Republic

There seems to be a belief among some true believers on the Left that the executive branch is pretty much sewn up for the foreseeable future. Ms. Clinton will waltz in on the heels Mr. Obama and take over the expansion of the state, the expansion of the “progressive” state, in 3 years time. Though Congress my not be owned by the Dems, the White House the progressives are positive will be for a long time, and so the tools of the executive branch should be employed in a partisan and purely political way.

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