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Labor Board Orders CNN to Rehire 100 Fired Employees

I’ll bet that’ll be a fun return.

On the surface this ruling sounds like a win for “workers,” but sadly it’s not. If the government can keep businesses from firing people, indeed in this case force CNN to REHIRE fired workers, businesses will simply choose not to hire new people.

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Feds give laid-off Boeing workers a big (GIANT) helping hand (It pays to be a crony)

The Department of Labor has approved a lavish unemployment benefit for laid off Boeing workers. They will receive unemployment benefits 5 times longer than other workers, taxpayers will pay 90% of any expenses related to interviewing for another job out of state, and 90% of moving costs if indeed the worker takes such a job.

Anyone out there who’s been laid off in the past 5 years or so (I know there are many of you) get a deal like this?

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Teamsters Engage in Union Busting

The clerical back office of the Memphis Teamsters Union wants to itself unionize. The union doesn’t like the idea and has fought the effort to the point that the National Labor Relations Board has gotten involved. Wonder what Jimmy Hoffa (senior) would have thought about this.

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