Trump Budget Proposes Killing All Funding for PBS, NPR and National Endowment for the Arts

Good. The government has no business in broadcasting or in art.

I say this as one who has logged many hours watching PBS and listening to NPR. I also love the arts. In another life I wrote and produced electronic music. I still paint. I very much enjoy (what some would consider) weird mid-century artwork.

But government has no business at all in these areas. None.

(And the thing is PBS and NPR would have more good will from small government people if they had not become just total instruments of statist propaganda.

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The effort to characterize ACTUAL NEWS as “fake news” is a pro-#Oldmedia, pro-Establishment PROPAGANDA push (PART 1)

So let’s talk about “fake news.”

As you are likely aware, in the wake of the Trump victory there has been a desperate attempt to come to terms with why the Clinton machine lost despite having essentially all of the #oldmedia on its side. Let’s take a moment and review how biased toward Hillary Clinton (and her machine) the #oldmedia actually was.

Below only represents a tiny fraction of the stories we featured on the pro-Establishment and pro-Clinton propaganda push from the powers that be in the #oldmedia,

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NPR says no more live interviews with conservatives (So they can be edited to avoid any ‘controversial’ remarks)

I’m sorry but I thought that National Public Radio was paid for by taxpayers, of which many, if not the majority might be called “conservative.”

It should be noted that the co-founder of this website Hunter Lewis, co-founder of Cambridge Associates a global investment firm, was once interview by Steve Inskeep at NPR. In the 2007 interview Lewis warned that the world was headed for a Federal Reserve created Crash. Inskeep didn’t like Lewis’s take and so the interview was spiked.

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Anti-Iran deal lawmaker: NPR whitewashed Obama-boosting, White House created “echo chamber”

As I’ve written before I listen to NPR all the time. I often enjoy it. But I understand that much of the time it is pushing the propaganda envelope.

There is more than a “liberal” bias at NPR. (Which is just in your face.) There seems, at times, to be a clear policy agenda. And at times the words feel coordinated with the White House. As if the agenda of NPR and the president are simply one and the same.

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