New York Rejects Free Market Innovation, Passes Law Killing Airbnb

Sometimes the crony capitalism is subtle. Sometimes it is obvious. This is one of those obvious times.

I have to say that I spent a week in Brooklyn a few years ago in an Airbnb place and it was great. But I guess I won’t be staying in Hipsterville again anytime soon.

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Cancer and Cronyism in the New York State Assembly

The Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Sheldon Silver was recently arrested on corruption charges. Millions of dollars in bribes may have found their way to the politician. Given that the Manhattan Democrat was the most powerful person in the state legislature for years, this is no small deal.

At least part of what concerns authorities is Silver’s connection to an oncologist, Dr. Robert N. Taub a leading light in the effort to fight mesothelioma. Mr. Taub’s office may have improperly referred cancer patients to the law firm of the Assembly Speaker.

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The Confused Web: AIG sues B of A for $7 billion in mortgage fraud, The Federal Reserve says AIG must go through it first

The trillion dollar soap opera which is high finance twists and turns and spins and morphs. Allies today are enemies tomorrow, and then allies again the next day.

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