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Common Core tests full of corporate branding

Common Core is not “commie core” as it is often called. It has that element within it from what we’ve seen, but it is probably at least equal parts “corporatist core.” It is big business which is pushing the program along with the statists. Business wants a standardized product for the workforce. It wants “plug and play” employees. And why not advertise to these future employees via state mandated testing while corporate America is at it?

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‘Why is Warren Buffett so rich? (Crony capitalism, anyone?)’

Interesting article. It is very true that the Oracle of Omaha has benefited handsomely from sweetheart deals and political connections over the years. He has played the crony game very well.

I will say though, as much as I agree with the general sentiment of the author, I’d still go long on the USA before Kazakhstan. We do still enjoy the reserve currency of the world. As long as we do the bet is still to the upside for US equities generally. Reserve currency status is the linchpin. If you ever hear that the US dollar is no longer the reserve currency it is time to sell. Of course when we hear it it will be too late.

An aside. – My first real job was working for GEICO (One of Warren Buffett’s companies. His “cash cow” as he calls it.) selling insurance over the phone. To this day – “Thank you for calling GEICO Direct. This is Nick Sorrentino speaking. How can I help you?” – rolls right off the tongue.

(From Nomad Capitalist)

…allow us to examine just how Warren Buffett became so wealthy, because while he is obviously an astute investor responsible for generating huge returns, he has also enjoyed advantages few other Americans do.

It is such advantages, propped up by his cronies in government, that perhaps contribute to so much of his optimism.

To begin with, much of Berkshire Hathaway’s holdings are in the equities markets. While Buffett has done an excellent job over the years of picking winners and losers, he has no doubt benefitted from the amazing impact that inflation – and recently endless money printing – have had on the American stock markets.

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DOE to give out $4 billion more in Solyndra-like loans

We at ACC are big fans of “alternative energy.” We love solar power, wind power, the whole bit. In order to “live off the grid,” a personal goal – at least a cabin one day, such sources of energy are vital. I grew up with solar panels heating our hot water and they nearly always worked, even in the depths of winter. We like the idea of “clean energy.”

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Eric Holder defends using Justice Department airplane for 27 personal trips

There is a culture of privilege which runs deep through our government. And it’s nothing new, though it does seem to have been taken up a notch with this administration.

Why shouldn’t Eric Holder fly where he pleases on the taxpayer dime? Don’t the taxpayers know that he’s a big shot, the chief cop of the universe. We should be happy we can help him fly where he wants for personal reasons.

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