Obama’s consumer watchdogs cash in

Apparently if one really wants a plum job with the banks, on K Street, or ideally both, doing a tour at Elizabeth Warren’s much celebrated Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the way to go. The agency is just churning out “political intelligence” types these days.

And the agency was only founded in 2011. So congrats.

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“Organizer” of “Million Student March” has NO CLUE how free college, $15 college min wages, and forgiveness of her debt will be paid for (Video)

“If you’re walking ’round think’n that the world owes you something ’cause you’re here
You goin’ out the world backwards like you did when you first come here yeah”

-The Staple Singers, Respect Yourself

This is the idiocy we are dealing with. Some think that if they are just earnest enough, “progressive” enough, willfully ignorant enough, that supply and demand (you know, economic reality) will no longer apply.

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Hidden Camera: Officials at Cornell & Yale Shredding/Ripping the Constitution as it “Triggers” Students (VIDEO)

These are the people running some of the most prominent universities in this country and they appear to have no problem literally shredding the US Constitution.

Likely these people know how wrong their actions are (or at least have an inkling), but they live in a world where political correctness, where avoiding offending someone, is more important than the principles upheld in the Constitution.

In fairness, judging by the windowless offices of the administrators in the attached video the people seeking to placate this weepy “student”

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Washington Post: Obama administration lawlessness: the top five

There was a time when I wanted to like Obama. I knew it was unlikely that I’d ever agree with him on much, but I wanted to be able to think the best of him.

That was a long time ago now.

By the way, I can think of dozens of other examples. Many of them are archived on this website.

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Lawlessness? Obama to continue with amnesty despite court injunction, DHS to take on new powers

This is third world stuff here. I am sad to see such a power grab in my country.

So there are 4 options on the table, all in defiance of the court order. One even grants official Employment Authorization Documents to everyone in the United States illegally. Everyone.

As we’ve said many times we are for immigration, particularly of the legal kind. But this is Obama flouting (that’s the kindest word we can use) the law.

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Obamacare repeal hits resistance from conservatives

Whether the word “repeal” should be in quotes in the above headline we can’t say at this moment. In the end it likely won’t matter anyway as Obama remains in the White House. Obamacare is basically the only thing the president can hang his hat on (with his base). He’s not going to capitulate now. He knew it was a half-baked (at best) vehicle for cronyism from the outset. The GOP forcing a veto isn’t going to wake him up or even score many political points.

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Glenn Greenwald says Obama can’t just apologize for a war crime.

Image: CNN

Yeah, that’s about right. Just because one is president does not put one above the rule of law. That’s pretty much a basic tenet of this country. A tenet which seems to have been forgotten since September 11th 2001.

So who authorized the strike? Sounds like we knew it was a hospital.

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Boehner Unchained: Will The soon to be former Speaker blow things up in Congress on the way out?

We wouldn’t put it past him. Indeed you can bet that long time “friends” like Boeing are leaning pretty hard on The Tanned One to make sure the Export-Import Bank, Boeing’s Bank, the taxpayer underwritten boondoggle for a few massive corporations, is revived from the grave for instance. The people who want Ex-Im gone are the same people who wanted Boehner gone. As such watch Boehner do the wrong thing here, either for old “friends,” out of spite,

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A Leftist Lets It Slip: All Your Money Belongs To Government

I almost didn’t post this headline because the term “leftist” is used in a pejorative sense. That is not terribly constructive.

But the article itself is important. The author reports on a statement made by the new UK Labour Party’s economic flag bearer who said that the money one earns isn’t actually one’s money. You don’t actually pay taxes so much as give the government back its property. Essentially he is saying that your ability to feed and clothe your family,

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Do GOP voters just actually want big government?

Miss this guy.

I think the answer is that for a majority of GOP voters this is probably true. There is no real call to reduce the size of our massive military from the average GOP voter. Indeed if anything there is a call to expand it. There is no real call for reforming Social Security. There is no real call to reform Medicare (which is a total actuarial disaster). There is no real call for drug law reform. There is no real call for curtailing the government violations of the the 4th Amendment under the Patriot Act.

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Obama prosecuted whistleblowers for working with media, not (for working ) with foreign govts

Say what you want about Assange but Wikileaks has done some good work. And Assange is certainly correct on the below. Obama has gone after whistleblowers with a particularly vindictive zeal. Largely I think because he doesn’t fundamentally trust the apparatus around him.

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On Obama securing Iran deal: PBS’s Gwen Ifill, “Take that Bibi.” (PBS’s calls Ifill’s tweet a “self inflicted wound”)

Seriously, this is a journalist? This is someone who has moderated presidential debates, presumably will moderate more, and who hosts the PBS Newshour? This is not OK.

Look, Bibi Netanyahu isn’t my favorite guy in the world. I have serious issues with Israel and particularly with how Israel influences our foreign policy and with the never ending flow of American tax dollars which finds its way into the pockets of the powerful in Tev Aviv and Jerusalem.  But this sort of thing from yet another news anchor just reflects how completely full of themselves the #oldmedia are.

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Welfare Is the Highest Paying Entry-Level Job in 38 States

If one is trying to get people employed incentivising unemployment isn’t wise. It is however politically great for those who are for a large government. So long as the main part of a person’s income comes from welfare one can rest reasonably assured that such a person will vote for more government.

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Crony Univision?: Jorge Ramos Embarrassed Himself and His Network, Invites Scrutiny

By now most of you have probably seen the video of Mr. Ramos interupting Donald Trump and Trump removing the the guy because he wouldn’t wait his turn.

And even after this Trump still let Ramos back in and let him ask questions so long as Ramos followed the rules. But by grandstanding the way he did Ramos exposed for all to see that he is not a journalist but an activist. He should be treated as such going forward.

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