“If Trump does a lot of talking while doing nothing, his presidency could be great and an already great America will dazzle.”


John Tamny at Real Clear Markets gives a good assessment of Trump to date and a fair assessment of the economy during the Obama years. Obama was not a good economic president as Tamny points out, but it is also fair to say that Bush and HIS big government meddling did much to bring Obama (and Obama’s version of big government meddling) into the White House.

Trump should learn from this.

He must if he is to succeed.

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How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency (And is using tax free organizations to do it)

Obama was a community activist. He never had a real job prior to president (yes I am including his time in the Senate) and now has to do something with his time. He does not want to go down in history as a failed 2 term president, which in our opinion he obviously is. The only thing he can hang his hat on, at all, is Obamacare and that has blown up because it was built with hubris and cronyism.

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Is Donald Trump a Fascist?

It’s important to understand what fascism actually is if one is going to cry “fascism.” Many people have an extremely confused understanding of what fascism is. They think it’s about a certain style. They think it’s about social norms. It’s not primarily.

Fascism is an economic system first and foremost as is explained below. It is about big government control over everything with nominally private firms. (Sound familiar?) That is what fascism is about.

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Glenn Greenwald: Trump will have vast powers. He can thank Democrats for them.

This is exactly correct. Supposed “liberals” and “progressives” (at least many of them) sold out the last vestiges of “liberalism” with President Obama. In many ways “liberals” and “progressives” within the Democratic Party just devolved into authoritarians. They allowed Obama to run roughshod over the Constitution and to expand the power of the Executive Branch because, well, Obama was your guy.

You were hoodwinked. And the thing is many of you (but not all) were willfully hoodwinked.

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Obama’s corporatist legacy

Carney lets Obama off too easy here. Not only does Obama leave a corporatist legacy, Obama is himself a corporatist, or more specifically and we’d say more accurately a crony capitalist. Obama used government both passively and actively to enrich his friends (and ultimately himself). The president also sought unceasingly to further entwine business and government so that crony fruit could be plucked by allies in the future. He gave away much to pharma and the health complex in Obamacare.

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Fore! More Years? No Thanks: Obama golfed 333 times, most since Ike


I love golf. I even listened to a tournament the other day on the radio in the car. Think about that. Golf on the radio. So I have absolutely no issue with the sport per se. And I don’t have an issue with the president playing regularly. That he golfs is one of the few things I can say I like about the guy. But golfing almost once a week for 8 years while being president of the United States?

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If You’re Freaking Out Over Donald Trump’s Presidential Powers, Thank a “Liberal”!

The term “liberal” should always be in quotes when talking about modern statists of the generally Left oriented type so we added them to the above headline.

And yes, like Nick Gillespie we have little pity for the throngs of “liberals” who are now worried about the power Donald Trump will soon wield. You wanted a powerful presidency. You cheered Obama using the “pen and phone.” You wanted “something to get done” even if it was via executive decree.

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On the Dawn of Trump

The “Left” has had its fit. It’s fearful freakout that the redneck barbarians have indeed, and finally breached the walls. My God, the Obama “dream” is dead and these bastards are going to pound it into the mud! Obama will be an asterisk president. 2 terms sure. First black president sure. But failed. A failed, 2 term president.

And what has induced the freakout primarily is that there is the very real possibility that even history books will record the first black president,

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