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CISPA is back, Corporations and government sharing your data with each other. What could be better?

(From Cispaisback.org)

This marks the third time Congress is trying to pass the bill to allow corporations to share our personal data with governments loosely. In addition, the 2015 version of CISPA would create a data sharing program between the Department of Homeland Security, Director of National Intelligence, and Secretary of Defense, with no accountability measures outside of their own agencies. Not only that, but any data shared would be exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.

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There is no “free lunch” and there is no “free” community college either

When the president says that he wants the government to pay for everyone to go to 2 years of community college what he is really saying is that he wants you to pay for everyone to go to community college. There is no “free” college. There is no “free” anything. Everything has a cost and I have to pay for college for 3 kids of my own in the not so distant future already. I don’t need yet another bill just because the president wants to throw some gifts to folks who voted for him.

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“The rising tide has lifted fewer boats during the Obama years – and the ones it’s lifted have been mostly yachts.”

That’s a crony system for you. The banks (and the bankers) with access to the Federal Reserve, which are now officially “too big to fail” and so enjoy an explicit license for moral hazard have only gotten richer. We the people “recapitalized” the banks. We indemnified them. We made them whole even though most of the big banks had leveraged themselves out to stupid levels and so deserved to go down. But the banks had the connections and so they now sit fat and happy.

Same for the car companies and lots of other big vested interests. They had connections in the Obama White House and in other parts of Washington so they were saved.

Meanwhile as the hapless titans were being rescued millions of Americans lost their houses and their jobs. 6 years later, for many, they haven’t come back.

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How Government Handouts Erode the Economy

Getting the government to create regs in favor of one’s business, to the detriment of one’s competition, or both, is hugely destructive to the economy. Such cronyism may (and perhaps in the long run may not) benefit one firm, but overall society loses. Products tend to be more expensive and they tend not to be as good as they would be in a free market, or free price system. Once the regulators have been captured (and they nearly always are) we lose.

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Why the Bad Guys Keep Winning

If people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or manufacturing propaganda, it is all the more important that the public understand that difference, and choose their news sources accordingly. – Thomas Sowell

Seriously, why? I know many of our readers have this question flash through their brains on occasion. How do the people we KNOW are not telling the truth, and that we KNOW are not acting in our best interests (while saying they do) keep getting away with it? How and why do we let them do it? Can anything be done?

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The Cuba Deal: Coexisting And Profiting With Tyrants

I am very much for free trade and the exchange of goods and services between states. It helps to ensure peace between peoples and often brings higher quality and lower cost products to market, thereby raising the quality of life for the average person. But it’s hard to see what advantage opening things up with Cuba gives us right now. We certainly shouldn’t be legitimizing the regime. At the very least we should have waited until Castro died.

Also why are we saving Cuba’s lunch? Venezuela is dying thanks to the bottom falling out of oil prices. Venezuela finances much of the Cuban economy. Now would be a time where we should be dictating very strident terms to the island nation. Cuba is running out of money. And we are about to give these guys, and they are communists, a new infusion? It doesn’t make much sense to me.

Don’t get me wrong, though I am for free trade I am not for intervening in the affairs of other nations, which we did quite a lot in Cuba. But this regime should be hung out to dry, not rewarded.

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