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More narrative wars from the crony media: Obama administration thinks “sovereign citizens” are as bad or worse than ISIS

Are there nuts in the United States? Yes, for sure. Do some of these people tout a philosophy of personal sovereignty? I am positive that some do. Are these nuts serious threats to the country? I don’t think so.

What you have in the attached report from CNN is an effort to turn a narrative which has gotten out of the hands of the White House spinmeisters. The insanity (and I think that is an appropriate word) exhibited by ISIS has galvanized many in this country. Terrorism (for good or ill) is now a serious issue again for many American voters.

The thing is, that ISIS is a radical Islamist group makes Obama uncomfortable. The president refuses to acknowledge the fact that ISIS is a Muslim entity. That Islam is a fundamental component of ISIS’s identity. The group refers to itself as “The Islamic State” after all. It seems pretty obvious to me. But not apparently to our president who didn’t march in protest with the other leaders of the world in Paris after the Charlie Hedbo attacks, and who lectured people at the White House prayer breakfast recently on the atrocities committed in the name of Christ. Basically equating the actions of ISIS to past crimes committed in the name of the Church. Obama also suggested that perhaps Americans should get off of their “high horse” when it comes to religious atrocities.

No one’s perfect you see. So hey, get off your high horse.

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Who created ISIS? American “friends and allies.” Gen Wesley Clark says it’s like “Frankenstein.” (Video)

These “friends and allies” supported (support?) ISIS because they are a Suni counter to Hezbollah, the Shiite army controlled by Iran.

So now we have to go in and spill American blood because the nutbar brush fire got out of hand? (And by extension help Iran and Hezbollah?) We’ve spilled enough blood for very questionable reasons in the Middle East.

By the way, if you want to read an absolutely fantastic article on the radical Islamic group Clark says our “friends” enabled I suggest What ISIS Really Wants in The Atlantic.

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Fan of civil forfeiture Loretta Lynch hits rough waters in Attorney General confirmation

We can’t say that we are disappointed. She’ll likely still be confirmed in the end but the brakes have been applied. Just a few weeks ago Ms. Lynch was expected to get through confirmation fairly easily.

Perhaps some in the Senate had second thoughts given her history of aggressively using civil forfeiture to harass citizens. We’d like to think that’s why she’s under a higher powered microscope. Probably not, but it might be a factor.

Or maybe it is her ties to the HSBC settlement.

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Rand Paul: Scrap the tax code

This should be political priority number one for the middle class. Our tax code is insanely burdensome. We are taxed at rates which are far too high. The system discourages domestic investment by companies. It creates resentment in the general population. The cost in time to comply with our tax code across the economy is astronomical.

A simple flat income tax is probably the best bet at this point. 10% and then we can talk about cutting more from there.

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Crony capitalism and Marxist generals (In Cuba)

There is a good case to be made for the normalization of relations with Cuba. It will open up the country and potentially hasten the demise of the current regime. Alternatively we could be handing the Castros a lifeline and entrenching a system of cronyism which will only get more entrenched once American dollars pour in.

I just wish we could have done this after Fidel kicked the bucket.

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‘Amnesty Bonuses’ in Tax Code: Illegal Immigrants to Receive Earned Income Tax Credit

As we have noted before we are generally pro-immigration.

I personally think Lawrence Reed the head of FEE has figured the whole issue out when he says;

“A free market entrepreneur is everything the typical government official is not: innovative, resourceful, competitive, focused on customers, careful with money, mindful of the long-term and passionate about adding value. My idea of immigration reform is to welcome every productive entrepreneur from wherever he or she may come, and deport all the government officials we can to wherever they want to go”

That seems a reasonable position to me.

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