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Have House Republicans Cast Their First Vote For Obamacare?

Obamacare, which passed through Congress on questionable procedural grounds, the rejection of which was the wave on which many a House GOP freshman rode into Congress, is settling into law. And the Republicans are now helping to make it happen. I guess pharma, hospitals, and the insurance companies like their new taxpayer financed revenue streams.

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(The statists are really getting scared now) Salon: America’s libertarian freakshow – Inside the free-market fetish of Rand Paul & Ted Cruz

Let’s get one thing out of the way. Both Paul and and Cruz are libertarianish. Paul more libertarianish than Cruz. Neither however is really pushing a hard core liberty oriented agenda.

In the attached article Paul and Cruz aren’t the real focus anyway. Crony capitalism is.

The author tries to make the argument that crony capitalism is what capitalism actually is. There is no distinction between capitalism partnered with the state and capitalism in general. It’s the same phenomenon.

This is the argument that many big government people try to make all the time on this site, because it is what fits the statist worldview. It is what people have been taught all their lives. I was certainly taught this.

On one side are the “progressives,” owners of progress, good government, making the world better and more fair. On the other side there are the “capitalists” monsters of greed and exploitation. Angels and demons.

This worldview is as simple as it is simple minded.

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Health Industry Paid Acting Centers for Medicare Chief Millions – Tax Deferred – When He Joined Gov’t

Hey, it’s good to be rich. It’s particularly good (if one is a crony) to be rich and connected. It’s nice to be able to make a phone call or email and get a “certificate of divestiture” which allows one to to defer indefinitely the capital gains taxes on gains made on the stocks of the healthcare companies one used to work for. (Before heading a government agency which regulates said companies.)

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New Poll: Obama Aids Rich, Not Middle Class

One doesn’t need a poll to see this. During the Obama presidency the rich have done quite well. The so called “underclass” has been largely placated. (Obama got rid of Clinton era “workfare” for instance making welfare a “life choice” again.) But the middle class, the core of America, has been hurt. There is simply no denying it. (I mean one can, but one would be wrong.)

It’s not entirely Obama’s fault. He is only a part of the puzzle, if a big part.The Federal Reserve has fundamentally undermined the economy. It has rewarded those who already had assets before the 2008 Crash with an inflated stock market. Those without assets, or those whose only “asset” is their home? Well, too bad so sad.

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Hospital Profits Soar As Obamacare Creates More “Paying” Patients (You paid for them)

I was listening to a triad of wonks on NPR’s The Dianne Rehm Show last week discussing “Net neutrality.” One of the guests asserted that it was a given that business always hates “regulations.” I laughed to myself in the car. This person does politics for a living? And no one challenged her on this. (These are supposed to be smart inside the Beltway folks.)

What an ignorant statement.

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‘The Government that Robs Peter to Pay Paul Will Always Have the Support of Paul’

This is one of the great axioms of government. It is the reason why, no matter how bad, how complex, how dishonest, how generally damaging a government program is there are some (the Pauls) who will defend the program to the end. The “Pauls” are getting paid. (With someone else’s money.) They will say the sky is red. They will insist that water flows uphill. That, like in Orwell’s 1984  2+2=5.

Obamacare is of course a colossal case in point.

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Even liberal Mother Jones admits Obamacare is a crony capitalist jack (But they think that’s a good thing)

Of course the health care companies like Obamacare. THEY WROTE SIGNIFICANT PORTIONS OF IT. That was the deal with the “devil” Obama made. The Dems essentially gave the insurance industry (and other parts of the health care industry) a massive transfer of wealth from America’s middle class to their corporate bottom lines.

Lesson here is – get a lobbyist.

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Aetna CEO sees piles of taxpayer financed profits thanks to Obamacare

That’s nice. It sure is good to know that the crony deal of the century (so far) Obamacare, is working out for the giant insurance companies. I was worried for them.

I’m joking of course since the giant health insurance companies along with Big Pharma wrote a good piece of the law. A law which was not even supported by a majority of Americans but was forced through Congress on questionable procedural grounds. A law which has now financially addicted a good portion of the American people like it was designed to. Yep, good times for the health insurance companies.

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Congress Looking Into Why IRS Has BIG MONEY Contract With Botched Healthcare.gov Company

One would have thought given how terrible the Obamacare rollout was that CGI (the company which designed the website for the program) would have been run out on a rail by this administration. Even despite the fact that one of CGI’s senior executives was Michelle Obama’s roommate at Princeton. Healthcare.gov was a cluster-you-know-what for the ages.

One would be wrong however.

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