Aetna CEO: Obamacare ‘cannot be repealed, period’

Image: CNBC

The insurance company CEO has spoken. So there you go. Obamcare shows its true face. Crony from the begining.

The insurance companies want their Obamcare bailout, and at this point they seriously think they might be able to get one.

The insurance companies wrote Obamacare in partnership with the Obama White House and a Dem Congress. They pushed it through in the face of massive resistance from the American people and with some very questionable parliamentary gymnastics before Scott Brown was able to take his seat in the Senate.

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Health Care is a Mess… But Why? (VIDEO)

Simple supply and demand. Or not so simple for some.

Throw in a heavy dose of medical crony capitalism too.

All you folks out there who think you’re helping the “common person” by advocating for yet more government involvement in healthcare? You are actually hurting people. The state will always be corrupted by cronies of one sort or another and our Medicare/Medicaid/Obamacare healthcare complex is full of cronyism, from top to bottom.

But even still,

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Some thoughts on health insurance, it’s about CONTROL fundamentally, not health

Don’t worry the behavioral economists are on it.

There is a solution to the health insurance issue. It’s fairly ovious. As a former insurance underwriter I am very familiar with it. Catastrophic insurance.

Most people don’t need “well visits” or if they do $50 for a visit a year seems pretty reasonable to me. But people do need coverage in the event of something like cancer or a car crash. Such policies can likely be underwritten profitably and people can likely be covered at a very reasonable cost as catastrophic losses are usually far and few between.

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Statist POLITICO: How hospitals got richer off Obamacare (Cronycare)

I mean it’s only 6 years late. But at least someone over there is getting part of a clue on how crony Obamacare is. Of course Politico thinks the government isn’t doing enough. (These folks it seems will NEVER learn.)

And the thing to keep in mind is that “tax breaks” don’t cost the taxpayer anything. They can be crony. They can be unfair. But “tax breaks” don’t COST anything. It just means that a taxpayer gets to keep his/her/its money that he/she/it earned.

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(Trumpcare) The most unpopular bill in three decades

One of the reasons it is unpopular is that it is a muddle of Obamcare. Trumpcare is too much of that “plan” – hooking up the health insurance companies etc., too little of the market mechanism. Of course some people don’t like it because it isn’t flat out draconian socialized healthcare. But they will complain until we are all bound to the state with chains.

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REASON: Trumpcare Is Like Obamacare, but Even Worse (VIDEO)

What is with these Republicans? Are you for freeing the market, lowering costs, and improving healthcare or what?

Don’t answer that. We know the answer…Mr. McConnell.

How long until Rand is up for leadership? What is that you say? Something about a snowball in hell?

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