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Obamacare co-opts imploding everywhere, billions of your tax dollars wasted

There are people who honestly believe that markets are some sort of human construct, that supply and demand aren’t as simple as water flowing downhill. These people have done great damage to our economy and our society over the years. The Obamacare “co-opts” are just the latest example of this kind of magical policy thinking.

Markets are natural phenomena. Ebb and flow. But they can be inconvenient for some who would like to construct a new reality out of whole cloth. Kind of like how gravity is inconvenient for those who would like to be able to jump to the moon.

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Gallup Poll: Half in U.S. Continue to Say Government Is an Immediate Threat

When half of the population sees the government as a threat this should set off alarm bells. In the United States the citizenry should NEVER see the government as an immediate threat. Sure, perhaps in some sort of abstract philosophical sense government itself should always be seen as a kind of threat. But we are supposed to be a country of limited government, per the Constitution. The government should not be something the average American citizen is concerned about from day to day. But many of us are.

There was a time when government in the USA was little more than background noise. There was a time when the only interaction the average person had with the federal government was the post office. There was a time when most of life was private and wasn’t managed. A time when there was no income tax. A time when Washington was kept in check for the most part by the states. Government power was relatively small. It was inexpensive. There were few services to be sure, but there were few taxes. What one made one could keep. We didn’t have to pay tribute to a king. And that’s one of the main reasons we became the richest nation the world had ever seen.

Was America before the welfare state perfect? Certainly not. Nothing is. But people, it appears for the most part didn’t see their government as a malevolent force. How could they? The government wasn’t the beast it is today. It had few teeth and little appetite.

(Most people weren’t concerned with the government; if I was black I would have absolutely feared the government during this time. American Indians had much to fear also. Both groups felt the pointy end of what state apparatus there was pre-welfare state.)

That half of Americans now see government as an immediate threat is a very bad sign.

And yet there are those who still push for even more government.

In the 21st Century, there is absolutely no reason for a government built in the 20th Century highly centralized style. No reason. Progress is smaller, less intrusive government. Progress is the degree to which the average person can actualize his or her potential free from coercion. Government at best should be a very light app. Progress is NOT more government. It shouldn’t be an operating system.

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Where did billions in Obamacare grants go?

The Pentagon has no idea where a significant amount of your tax money money goes. It seems to spin off into some crony black hole. Same it seems for Obamacare, not that this should surprise anyone. Really the Pentagon, Health and Human Services  it’s all of government which doesn’t seem to operate by the normal rules of accounting and with any basic respect for the taxpayer.

Now, though the Feds lose, think about that for a second, LOSE, billions probably every year, you had better have everything straight on your tax filing. Because even though the government doesn’t care enough to follow your money and how it is spent once it is within the system, it sure as shinola cares about whether you pay your “share” into the black hole.

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Health Care Premium Hikes and Crony Capitalism

Obamacare is a giant jack. And no, single payer is not the solution. That is the last thing we need. Single payer is an excuse for all sorts of other cronyism. Not to mention that socializing healthcare in the 21st Century is just a backward idea. We should be opening up healthcare not centralizing it.

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Former ObamaCare official becomes top lobbyist for insurers

As one reader commented a few days ago, “It just doesn’t stop.”

Indeed it doesn’t. This is the culture of Washington. The big cash-in carrot is why many people go into government these days. In the warren of Washington regulation there are caches of dollars along the way. If you know where to look for them.

A tour (or multiple tours) in high level bureaucracy provides one with a nice map of potential taxpayer funded riches.

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One-third of veterans on pending (VA) medical care list already dead

I was talking to someone a few months ago about the medical challenges facing our veterans and this person made the point that treating vets is very expensive. Once they pass however they are much less expensive.

This is a deeply cynical way of looking at things, and disturbing. But she said what many people are thinking.

Do I think along these lines? No. But I will say that the VA system needs to be taken apart and radically reworked. But there are too many people who make their money off of the current system for such a thing to happen anytime soon.

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Get ready to pay A LOT more for health insurance (Like 40% more for some people, because of Obamacare)

Hayek had a name for the hubris which clings to big government planners like herpes – “the pretense of knowledge.

Planners always think they can plan large social experiments, but experience has shown us over and over and over, from the Soviet Union, to France, to Britain, to North Korea, to the United States, they just can not. Obamacare is just the latest example.

20%-40% increases because, surprise surprise the people who signed up for Obamacare are sicker than the planners planned and fewer healthy people signed up than the planners planned.

It’s not like anyone said this would happen. Oh wait, all the people who understood basic supply and demand said this would happen.

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Nancy Pelosi’s Life in the 0.1 Percent

Ms. Pelosi has played the crony capitalism game well. The way she sees it – I promise you this is how she sees it – she’s just doing well, while doing good.

It’s the tune of many a crony.

“See, it’s OK that I live like this, even though I rail against the ‘rich,’ because I am one of the good guys. I’m for more money for welfare, and all sorts of other government programs to help the peasantry…er…the American people. I’m not like those terrible small government people with their tacky attachment to bourgeois values.”

But the enlightened, alas, must suffer such imbeciles. Sigh.

Now where is that lovely 1999 pinot? Just thinking about those teabaggers makes me want to drink.”

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Obamacare Bonzanza: Fat times in the health insurance industry

So let’s see…Obamacare has infused the health insurance companies with heaps and heaps of taxpayer dollars. Big Pharma has done almost equally as well under the cronycare regime. Premiums for terrible policies – which as I see it could largely be bought for the same or lower prices before Obamacare – are going up.

Yup, this thing worked out great.

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Leaked: Obama’s TPP will raise cost of medicine, creates protections for pharmaceutical industry

You’ve got to hand it to Obama in a weird way. He does a good job of placating his populist flank while his administration does the bidding of large corporations. Obamacare is one example, net neutrality is another, the TPP yet another.

One of the reasons we have generally opposed the Trans Pacific Partnership, even though we are big fans of international free trade, is because the agreement is likely chock full of crony deals. There’s a reason why so much secrecy surrounds the thing.

But we have been getting glimpses of the paper beast. The most recent comes from Politico.

Looks like the drug companies are about to have a big (and ongoing) international payday. Thing is this payday comes not from innovation and the satisfaction of customers but from privileges written into the TPP for pharma. At least they appear to be in the agreement at this point.

Obama is arguably the best friend Big Pharma ever had.

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Obama’s “to do list”.

Hey, he had a good week. Obama appeased both his corporate sponsors with the passage of fast track authority for the TPP and the Supreme Court rewrite of Obamacare. Then he appeased the West Coast folks with the gay marriage ruling. Add in a couple of other factors which we will not comment on and there you go, the bourgeois, middle class, flyover country people are put in their place.

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