Obamacare employer mandate delay offers temporary relief to employers, economy

At least some employers are happy. Big pharma and the insurance industry are probably not. However given how much difficulty the government is having getting the “exchanges” up, who knows. Maybe even these key beneficiaries of Obamacare are thankful for the delay. The “train wreck” as Democratic senator Baucus famously called Obamacare, has been moved down the track a bit, at least for employers (and their employees).

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Obama Administration Delays Health Care Law Employer Penalty Until 2015

Things are going so badly with the employer mandate that the Obama administration wants to push the new requirement back another year to avoid getting hammered in the 2014 election. Employers are complaining that they can’t meet the new reporting requirements. Some also argue that it is hurting hiring efforts.

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Millennials Are Obamacare’s Last Hope

Come, young people to the Obamacare exchanges. Your premiums will likely go up, by a lot, but the administration needs you to subsidize other people or the entire giant bureaucratic, crony capitalist endeavor might come crashing down. With all that student debt what’s a premium increase of hundreds of dollars right? It’s only money.

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Desperately Trying to Avoid Failure: White House Recruiting Hollywood Stars for ObamaCare Rollout

If the Obama administration can’t get young, healthy people to enroll in Obamacare (against their best interests in many instances) the system will almost instantly be overwhelmed by older sick people. The government needs the spritely to join so that they can subsidize the cost of the less spritely.

To do this HHS is actively trying to get the NFL and NBA to spread the pro-Obamcare word. It is also leveraging its connections in Cronywood.

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HHS Head Sebelius Wants the NFL To Promote Obamacare

Are you ready for some healthcare?!

HHS needs young healthy people to sign up for Obamacare or else the program will be overwhelmed almost instantly upon deployment. The government is pulling out the stops to get pro-Obamacare propaganda in front of Americans. Tough to sell a bad product though, even with the help of the NFL.

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Obamacare Will Share Personal Health Info with Federal, State Agencies

Obamacare has a life of it’s own at this point, and it hasn’t even been officially born.

Hope you’re cool with your most personal health information being shared with federal agencies, including the IRS. But don’t worry, as we’ve seen you can trust the government.

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Lawmakers and Aides Leaving Capitol Hill Because They Will Be Forced into Obamacare

Currently congress-people and their staffs have 75% of their premiums paid for by the taxpayer. The plans they enjoy are also top notch. Top, top notch.

But because of the way Obamacare was written, the law we needed to pass before we knew what was in it, lawmakers and their aides are about to be thrown into the vortex of the Obamacare healthcare “exchanges.” And guess what? They don’t want to go down the hole.


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How Big Pharma came to champion Obamacare, Kathleen Sebelius squeezes funds from the insurance industry?

To this day there are people who believe that the president is opposed to “corporate interests.” Most of the people who think this have not spent much time at this site it’s probably safe to say.

The truth is, so long as a corporation agrees to play and to make the administration look good, Obama is happy to become that corporation’s best friend.

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IRS: Cheapest Obamacare Plan Will Be $20,000 Per Family*

This is for the “bronze” plan.

Tell me who other than the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies benefit from Obamacare? The poorest Americans were covered under Medicaid. Most other people were covered under their employers. The self-employed could buy fairly good plans for far less than $20,000 per year per family.

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South Portland doctor stops accepting insurance, posts prices online


Maybe there’s a silver lining to Obamacare if more doctors follow the lead of this fellow in Maine. I pray that they do.

Dr. Michael Ciampi is able to charge half of what he used to charge for his services now that the red tape and general pain of dealing with deeply regulated insurance companies has been eliminated. He figures that the hassle is only going to get worse with Obamacare, so he has decided to go another route.

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A Toxic Combination: Obamacare Meets the IRS

As we have said before the American people at the very least should insist on the removal of the IRS from Obamacare. That of course means a complete revamp (repeal?) of the program and very powerful interests ranging from the current administration to the insurance and pharmaceutical industries like Obamacare just the way it is. They after all wrote it.

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Low-Skilled Workers Get Raw Deal Under Obamacare

Looks like under Obamacare many lower skilled workers will end up with “skinny” or “bandaid” health insurance plans which may cover a few doctors visits and some prescriptions but may leave the insured exposed to catastrophic loss. This is exactly what we don’t need.

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