Woman Fighting Fine For Selling Tamales Without Permit

$700 for selling tamales out of the house is excessive. If the city had a real problem with this woman they should have issued her a warning first. And even then they really should have minded their own business. So what if she’s selling tamales to help make ends meet?

Was she inconveniencing neighbors? We don’t know. If she was perhaps a warning was justified. But a $700 fine with no warning? That’s unreasonable. Plus the real issue here is likely that she had not paid for a permit,

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300 Hours Training Required to Shampoo Hair In Tennessee

The horrible days before shampooing licenses.

Seems legit. There are many nuances to shampooing that we lay people don’t even know exist. And what of emergency situations? What if one has a head full of shampoo and the water suddenly runs out? Shampoo would begin to get in one’s eyes. One might not even be able to find one’s way out of the bathroom. And even if one could find the door one’s hands would be covered in shampoo and so turning the door handle might be impossible.

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D.C.’s Attempt to License Personal Trainers Is Anti-Business, Anti-Competition, and (Probably) Anti-Health. Thanks Obamacare!

Let’s licence everything! Breathing. Eating. Teaching someone how best to maximize a workout. There is no place the regulators should not be. We must be kept safe! Please government and cronies, please, please keep us safe – from ourselves! And if you can enrich yourself while keeping me safe from myself that would be even better!

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