German media failed to report refugee crisis honestly, study finds

This is a shocker.

In Germany, like in the USA, there is an official narrative handed down from the wonks running the government, which is then repeated as truth by those in the media who have partnered with the government and want to get invited to the right cocktail parties.

Of course many people realize that it’s all BS, many more than in the past, but the media and the state are still very powerful and as such can pummel those who offer up an alternative analysis.

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White House Intervened To Suppress Hillary email Scandal, Leaked Emails Reveal

If there is one thing that defines Obama’s presidency it is the fait accompli. The White House denies, denies, denies, and then when it’s obvious that the White House engaged in some sort of nefarious behavior the president just looks at the critics and says, “Do something about it now.”

Just get Obamacare over the finish line. (You can keep your doctor. It’ll save the average family money.)  Just start the amnesty program without Congress’s approval.

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More #CronyMedia: PBS cuts Green Pres. Candidate Jill Stein’s Comments Critical of Hillary Clinton from Interview

We often discuss the crony media. Its disposition is generally corporatist, generally left of center, absolutely statist, and a key part of the establishment power structure. The #oldmedia generally cheers the Dems and generally seeks to make life hard for the Republicans. But the #oldmedia doesn’t like anyone who doesn’t adhere to the official line whoever they are, as we witness here.

It should be noted that Judy Woodruff,

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Dan Rather on Trump: ‘I felt a shudder down my spine’ (An #oldmedia dinosaur laments his own toothlessness)

Dan Rather explains in the attached piece that he’s fearful of Trump and says that Trump’s anti-media statements are out of line and a threat to America. This may or may not be true. However what Rather’s rant really expresses is his frustration with the diminishing power of the establishment media. He misses the days of a solid “liberal” media block. He can’t believe that someone he detests so much, someone who dares call the media out in a way that he does has the support that Trump does.

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How the ‘New York Times’ and Loretta Lynch Made Me Join the NRA

We write often of the #cronymedia the #oldmedia, as tools by which certain powers that be disseminate an “official” narrative. This seems likely the case with the New York Times’s front page editorial calling for gun confiscation. We know that The New York Times has a long history of working closely with the current administration. (Not that this is necessarily the case this time.) Call it a public talking points memo. The concern is not with terrorism but with guns and gun owners.

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On Obama securing Iran deal: PBS’s Gwen Ifill, “Take that Bibi.” (PBS’s calls Ifill’s tweet a “self inflicted wound”)

Seriously, this is a journalist? This is someone who has moderated presidential debates, presumably will moderate more, and who hosts the PBS Newshour? This is not OK.

Look, Bibi Netanyahu isn’t my favorite guy in the world. I have serious issues with Israel and particularly with how Israel influences our foreign policy and with the never ending flow of American tax dollars which finds its way into the pockets of the powerful in Tev Aviv and Jerusalem.  But this sort of thing from yet another news anchor just reflects how completely full of themselves the #oldmedia are.

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More Crony Media? ABC News Anchor Stephanopoulos Donated $50,000* to Clinton Foundation, Failed to Disclose

George Stephanopoulos did of course work for Bill Clinton. That’s how he rose to fame and fortune. Now that he’s a well healed fixture of Washington it’s not surprising that he wrote a check to the organization.

But Stephanopoulos should have disclosed that he had donated to the Clinton Foundation prior to interviewing Peter Schweizer the author of Clinton Cash. And as an anchor at ABC should he really be giving any money to political organizations?

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More Crony Media: Reporters give Hillary Clinton a standing ovation

Both of these pictures are official propaganda. Nice to see a potential president using an image inspired by Mao. That’s totally cool. Mao wasn’t a communist murderer who killed 78 million people or anything.

What are these reporters thinking? OK, I get that the old media is populated with generally statist big government leaning journalists, but given what we know Ms. Clinton has done (just recently) any objective person has to consider such an ovation as being in bad taste.  

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Jon Stewart finally really sold out. Too bad.

I have long been a fan of Jon Stewart. I even watched his talk show on MTV in the 90’s, The Jon Stewart Show.

I think at times he can be very funny. I think he is absolutely smart. But he has spent far far too long in the crony media echo chamber. He has luxuriated in the statist gazes of adoration for far far too long. He has gradually lost his real edge over the years and I am glad that he is retiring from The Daily Show.

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More Crony Media: Mika (Of MSNBC) Admits: If Gruber Were Republican, MSM ‘Would Be Exploding’

The the gaggle of Dem insiders tries to compare Johnathan Gruber to David Stockman which is a joke. Stockman in the 80s was exposing how dysfunctional and large the government was (is), and how no one even in the Reagan Administration really wanted the government to shrink. Gruber on the other hand was schooling other political hacks on how to lie to the American people and take advantage of the fact that bureaucrats don’t know their hindquarters from a hole in the wall.

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Fascists show their faces? Examiner: Dems on FEC move to regulate Internet campaigns, blogs, Drudge

Yeah. No.

If the #oldmedia is the 4th Estate (I know it’s dumb someone at the New York Times probably came up with it.) then the new media and social media constitute the 5th Estate.

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