Big Pharma Lobbies To Keep People Hooked On Opioids?

I read sometime in the last year that the pharmaceutical lobby is widely thought to be the most powerful lobby in Washington.

Consider that for a moment. More powerful than oil and gas, more powerful than the lawyers, more powerful than the banks. Pharma is the biggest dog on K Street.

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One striking chart shows why pharma companies are fighting legal marijuana

Conservatives need to get on board with legal pot and with haste.

Many “conservatives” are already. I was on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville and saw a Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition (RAMP) kiosk. This is progress. But the progress is not fast enough, particularly in many states which do not have ballot initiatives like my home state of Virginia.

Pot prohibition is not good for individuals, communities, or the country. If one chooses to use cannabis this is no one’s business but that of the individual who uses the drug.

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DEA chief: Medicinal marijuana is a ‘joke’ (Doesn’t mention that keeping pot illegal means billions of taxpayer dollars for his agency)

This is bureaucratic turf defense dressed up as public policy, as it almost always is. And in this case the head of the DEA Chuck Rosenberg is doing particular harm. Because the head of the DEA knows that the trend toward legalization of cannabis threatens his agency, he continues a defense which most people know at this point is just false. (He probably knows it’s false.) Of course cannabis has medical applications. From epilepsy, to cancer, to wasting disease,

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