What are the “Rules for Radicals” taught by Saul Alinsky to the “community organizers” of the past and present day?

A couple of points.

Saul Alinksy was a Chicago Marxist/socialist/statist etc. who wrote the very influential book (I had to read it in college) Rules for Radicals. It is safe to say that pretty much every solid lefty activist/politician in the game today has read the the book or is at least familiar with it. Former president Obama it is said was steeped in Alinskyite philosophy while he was a “community organizer.”

If one is not a lefty activist/politician one would also be wise to learn its lessons too however.

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How Friends of Obama Make Millions Selling Influence After Leaving the White House

The Obama lottery ticket, there are a whole bunch of people in Downtown Washington DC walking around with them in their pocket.

It works like this- Work in the White House for a few years. Cozy up with the president and David Axelrod (who has just recently cashed in himself at NBC). Found a consultancy. Then wait for the corporate clients to send you checks. It is nearly that simple as Noam Scheiber explains in his great article in The New Republic,

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Democrats afraid Obama’s new group is taking donation dollars from the party at large

Everyone wants their piece of the action in Washington and the Democratic National Committee is concerned that their piece is getting smaller because of President Obama’s Organizing for Action group. O4A is actively seeking donations from large companies and wealthy individuals. This is usually the territory of the party and some Democrats are not happy that their toes are being stepped on.

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Crony Capitalist Conduit? Obama’s New (Tax Free) Group, Organizing for Action, has “Closely affiliated itself” with Mega Corporations and George Soros

The crony capitalist conduit has been established. If your corporation wants to influence the direction of policy, this is the place to do it, anonymously.  If you want to be a part of the President’s effort, just drop a check into this designated box. Tax free of course.

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