Is it time to get rid of Paul Ryan as Speaker?

This is one of the best pictures ever.

Probably. But one of the names floated in the Washpo story attached is Rick Santorum. Rick Santorum. Ole’ Rick is no conservative and he would be even worse news than Paul Ryan.

Ryan is too protective of the establishment. He is too dismissive of the actual small government people in the House of Representatives. Really, he’s followed Boehner’s tired path.

We had to get rid of Boehner.

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Rep. Dave Brat: Ryan Should Explain Agenda Before Holding Speaker Vote

I consider Brat one of the few good guys up on the Hill. He’s the guy who replaced Eric Cantor and has done a good job of sticking to his constitutional guns.

Brat’s right. What are Ryan’s priorities? Has he changed or is he going to try to cling to the ways of old? We still remember Ex-Im.

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Did Paul Ryan just agree to a bailout of Puerto Rico?

As we’ve said before Puerto Rico is Detroit with palm trees. Its massive patronage system, its army of “public” employees and big government generally bankrupted the island. Now the Dems want the government employees to get the pensions for which there is no money, all the while stiffing the people who lent Puerto Rico the money it now owes.

There are pretty much no good guys here. The government workers are to blame. The bondholders knew they were buying sketchy stuff but assumed they’d be indemnified.

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Puerto Rico’s Pension Bailout (and the gall of many government employees)

The gall of some government employees and their politician wingmen is truly amazing.

This duo thinks the system is there to be gamed. That’s what it’s there for. Work that program. Work this program. Count the days until one can retire. The system has to be worked. Focusing on WORKING is for suckers.

I am not saying that these folks in Puerto Rico are doing no work, I am sure many are. I am sure even that some people in Puerto Rican government are doing valuable work.

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Another sellout? GOP says Pentagon gets to spend like before sequester. Lobbyists rejoice.

It’s good to see the supposed “small government conservatives” undoing the sequester. What a principled group the GOP leadership is. Got to protect that military spending. It’s not like we are winding down 2 wars or anything. Just keep that cash flowing just like it was before. We can afford it.

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Christian Science Monitor: Paul Ryan and Obamacare: Can (should) he stop Ted Cruz’s government shutdown?

Can he? I think the real question is – should he?

Obamacare is a bundle of crony capitalist red tape which will make your life more difficult. There are exceptions of course. If one is a drug company there is a good chance that one is going to make a ton of money with Obamacare, so your life might get better. But for most of us, this won’t be the case.

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Reagan’s Former Budget Chief, David Stockman Rips Paul Ryan

It is no secret that this website generally likes Mr. Stockman and his analysis. Though I would take issue with a couple points in the attached essay. For instance Stockman calls Dodd-Frank “pointless” and not particularly worthy of attack. I disagree. I think it is definitely worthy of attack. However Stockman is very right that in the grand scheme Dodd-Frank is relatively small potatoes, which is just sad.

Stockman also to my surprise says that a VAT tax might not be a bad idea (though one must look at how he couches this proposal,

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