Metallica singer James Hetfield says he moved out of San Francisco because he was ‘sick of the elitist attitudes’ and ‘showing up with a deer on the bumper doesn’t fly in Marin County’

I’ve got my issues with Metallica, but on the whole I like them. Their music was definitely some of the most interesting to come out of the 1980s. And I always respected the kids in the black Metallica shirts who could shred on guitar. It wasn’t my style but I always respected them. I’ve always respected James Hetfield too.

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Orange Coast College Student Threatened With Expulsion After Recording Professor’s Anti-Trump Tirade

Look, even many of the people who voted for Trump have some beefs with Trump. I hear from these folks regularly. But the reaction from some other folks, particularly those who appear to be receptive to the politically correct societal critique, those who thought our society was going to be defined by the sociology departments of this country, to Trump has been off the charts.

I was listening to NPR yesterday and the endless complaining about Trump was remarkable.

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More Religion of Grievance: Professor who tweeted against PC culture is out at NYU

Mao’s Red Guard was made up of “social justice warriors” too.

The “PC gestapo” is in full effect on college campuses today.

Political correctness is not about civility. It is not about being polite. (People who don’t know better will argue that PC is about being polite, and so will people who absolutely do know better. The former are just ignorant. The latter devious.) It is about control. It is about speech control and thought control.

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Watch Leftist Students Say Science Is Racist and Should Be Abolished (VIDEO)

This is where political correctness (a term coined by Marx) which is a type of religion, has taken us.

Science is racist. Just what South Africa needs, people who think witchcraft (which is indigenous) is equivalent (superior?) to the scientific method. Why? Because science is “Eurocentric.”

This kind of thinking ought to work out great for the country.

But the smug ignorance displayed by the woman in the attached video is the same I see displayed by some Americans on the “Left”

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Truly open social media? New site with momentum, GAB

We post this for our readers’ information. Whether GAB takes off is an open question. (To say the least.) Most social media alternatives have a hard time carving out a space for themselves these days. But GAB says that it will truly be a censorship free platform. In that case it’s at least worth checking out.

Click here.

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Alumni Strike: Fed up with political correctness alumni across the country aren’t giving anymore

I live in a college town built around one of the greatest universities in the world, and I have heard about this growing phenomena from multiple sources recently. Alumni are fed up with “safe spaces” and the anti-intellectual political correctness guards objecting to every “microagression” they can conjure in their heads.

These alumni have stopped writing checks. Why should they fund scholarships and pay for facilities for people who are clearly disconnected from reality? Why should alumni support people who must be coddled and whose egos must be massaged?

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Triggered: MSNBC Warns Sensitive Viewers Before Showing Anti-Hillary Buttons

As we mentioned in an earlier post, there seems to be a part of this country which has legitimately lost it. A significant part. How do these people even function in society?

This is not a joke. How do they get by from day to day? How do these people get through life?

Click here for more from NewsBusters but below is the video.

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University Offers SAFE SPACE For Students Traumatized By Republican Convention

There, there, my sensitive little college orchid. We know the harsh winds brought by those nasty Republicans down the street may curl your sensitive leaves. But we at Case Western Reserve are here for you. We will protect you. We will make sure that you are OK. Some things are just too beautiful for Republicans. 

(From The Daily Caller)

A July 11 statement in The Daily, Case Western’s internal e-newsletter,

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Emory University: We Will Use Security Cameras to Track Down and Possibly Punish Students Who Chalked Their Support for Trump

What is going on on college campuses these days? I mean it used to be, back in the 60s, that there were legit causes to be fought. The free speech movement, the civil rights movement, fighting the draft. All pretty legitimate issues as far as I’m concerned.

But now the student sensitivity police partner with campus administrations to suppress thought? What happened? How could such small mindedness be given official sanction?

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Can Leftist Student Activists Survive Without Their Professional Babysitters and Allies? (Institutionalized Political Correctness)

University of Missouri journalism professor telling student journalists to get out of her “safe space.”

People often talk about institutionalized racism, which is a real thing. It is a fact that the state enforced segregation. It is a fact that the government was used for a very long time to keep blacks and whites separate. Jim Crow doesn’t happen without big and intrusive government. Racism was institutionalized, codified, the law of the land. Racism was supported by the state. Cops,

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UNC philosophy professor warns: ‘Progressive privilege’ abounds in academia

Some have no interest in knowledge or wisdom if it doesn’t fit their worldview.

I have to say that my professors in college in the poli-sci department at Mary Washington College did a pretty good job of being fair to me and other students. Though I was often a lone voice in some conversations, I was more conservative than libertarian back then, I was always treated with respect. My opinions were valued – or at least readily tolerated. I was graded in a fair way.

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John Cleese: Political Correctness Can Lead to an Orwellian Nightmare (VIDEO)

Political correctness is a form of oppression. It is about narrowing thought. It is about creating mental constructs which are not real. It about creating a dream (nightmare) world which will then somehow become reality. It is dangerous. I would even say that the newspeak we see on some college campuses (and elsewhere) is a form of tyranny. It is anti-intellectual. It is based in the idea that a rose is not a rose than that language creates reality. It is a thought code for the self righteous and the perpetually offended.

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School Professor Calls on Students to Say ‘Happy Federal Holiday’


At least the “New Left” in the 60s questioned authority. Abbie Hoffman and other assorted nutbars at least held the government (rightly) in contempt. Though I disagreed with them on much I have a kind of respect for those guys. At least they weren’t automatons.

The “progressives” of today have none of this spirit. They don’t like anti-authoritarianism. They want to be cogs in the machine. They want to fall in line.

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