Chick-fil-A: Ditch your phone, get free ice cream

It’s the highest quality fast food one can get. By a lot. Plus it’s closed on Sundays.

This is the market at work.

I do love Chick-fil-a. By the way the best value going in fast food is their 3 chicken tenders order. Plus they always say “my pleasure” when I ask for extra ketchup.

(We have no affiliation with Chick-fil-a.)

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Unrelenting immigration is easy for those rich enough (often through crony capitalism) to mitigate the impact

Peggy Noonan writes in the Wall Street Journal of a fundamental disconnect between what she refers to as “elites” (I despise this term, many, if not most people in power I have met are not what I would call “elite.”) and their indifference to the pressures which come from massive immigration. She makes an important point. A giant increase in immigration flows isn’t going to really impact the circle Angela Merkle runs in, except that perhaps the people in this circle will be able to pay their gardeners even less.

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To what degree is the the “Defense” industry driving foreign policy? And why Obama is the military contractor’s best friend

As I’ve written many times before, I grew up around the military industrial complex. I am a Navy brat and am still a Navy Football fan. (Pretty much the only team I care about these days.) I know the squeal of an F-14 as it banks in at sunset to land with its wings open. I can practically recite Top Gun to you. At one point I thought I might want to be a navy SEAL. My mother used to take us to the beach and we’d watch the giant hovercrafts ramp over the dunes.

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VICE covers a convention of “libertarian revolutionaries”, gives a shout out to The Crony Awards

VICE is interesting. We’ve featured their work before. The news outfit has guts, and goes where many other outlets fear to tread. Seriously, Mexican drug wars, biker (or moped) gangs, the prison industry, hanging with Syrian guerrillas. You get the point. Their stuff can be excellent.

On the other hand VICE does have an unfortunate self righteous progressive streak. Like an OWS kid who hasn’t gotten his hind quarters kicked by life yet, it can be very preachy,

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Why the Bad Guys Keep Winning

If people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or manufacturing propaganda, it is all the more important that the public understand that difference, and choose their news sources accordingly. – Thomas Sowell

Seriously, why? I know many of our readers have this question flash through their brains on occasion. How do the people we KNOW are not telling the truth, and that we KNOW are not acting in our best interests (while saying they do) keep getting away with it?

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Daily Caller: The Koch Brothers Are More Anti-War Than The Center For American Progress

My pumpkin-o-peace from this Halloween.

I am sure some people will be surprised by this which is why it is news. But they shouldn’t be. The Kochs are for the most part libertarian. The Center for American Progress is full of “progressives.” Progressives have historically liked war.

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The Senator does something right: McCain questions U.S. govt-industry ‘cronyism’ on Lockheed F-35 program (Also questions the Military Industrial Complex)

I don’t agree with McCain on much but he’s probably dead on here. The Senator even references Eisenhower’s warning to America of the Military Industrial Complex. I include a part of the warning below. Every American should hear it at least once.

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“Rand Paul vs. the money men”

Rand Paul will face massive opposition from the establishment, pro-military complex wing of the Republican Party in his presumed bid for the White House. People with big check books are ready to fund Paul’s opposition. The neocons don’t think Paul is “strong enough” on Israel. They want to make sure the $3 billion currently flowing to the country from US taxpayers keeps flowing. Much of the political class in Tel Aviv counts on this infusion in one way or another.

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Neoconservatives threaten to “take down” Rand Paul, Not pro-Israel enough

Let me say that I am a friend of Israel. I grew up with the children of Israeli air force pilots. In my home my father had a picture hanging in his office signed by some of his Israeli friends flying over a bombed out Iraqi nuclear facility. I grew up with the knowledge that the only place in the Middle East where the average Arab had any voice in government at all was in Israel.

But the Israeli lobby (and let’s be very clear about this,

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The American and British people don’t want war. They are tired. – David Cameron backed down and agreed to delay a military attack on Syria following a growing revolt

Remember when every Subaru station wagon had this bumper sticker? What happened?

The everyday family in the USA, and it sounds like in the UK, is tired. They have given their sons and daughters to the wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan with nothing in return. American and British children are dead, more likely crippled physically, and even more likely crippled psychologically. And for what? For adventurism. For the big shots to play chess with the lives of their children.

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