Watch UC Berkeley Cops Literally Take Money Out of the Wallet of an Unpermited Hotdog Vender (VIDEO)

Yeah, yeah, health inspections blah blah blah. Do you think you are any more likely to get a food borne illness from this guy than from a permitted vendor? I seriously doubt it. It’s a hot dog and street meat has its dangers permitted or not. (Most of the dangers actually come from what the hot dog is made out of. Not how it was handled.)

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Careful Young Entrepreneurs, the Police State is Cracking Down on Unauthorized Snow Shoveling

It wasn’t quite this bad.

On Friday I watched the mountains outside my window disappear behind a veil of heavy snow. It just kept coming and coming. My neighborhood soon looked like a village in the Swiss alps. We didn’t have a blanket of snow, it was more like a big fluffy down comforter of snow. By Saturday my 2 cars looked like giant marshmallows. The sidewalk in front of my house was thigh deep. I knew that Sunday was going to be a day of serious shoveling.

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