Health Insurance, Drug Lobbyists Continue to Fuel Clinton Campaign

Ms. Clinton recently said that the drug companies were her “enemies.” Really? So why is she cashing all the giant checks from the drug companies then? She must really hate them, and they her. No way she’s throwing out soundbites to throw voters off of her donor scent. That isn’t like Hillary Clinton. She’d never do that.

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Obama’s cancer cure ‘moonshot’

You will recall that Nixon announced the first US government war on cancer. If the government really wants to cure cancer, it will remove the stifling FDA regulatory apparatus that makes progress glacial and any new treatments cost a fortune. The FDA operates on the principle that what is best for the drug industry is best for America, but the drug industry doesn’t make its biggest money from cures, it makes money from treatments for chronic conditions that are never cured.

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Clinton tops 2016 field in drug industry donations (By a lot)

But…But…But… I thought Hilary didn’t like the pharmaceutical companies. I thought they didn’t like her either. Hmmm.

When asked in the first Democratic presidential debate for an example of a political enemy, she named the drug companies. That was the word: “enemy.”

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Leaked: Obama’s TPP will raise cost of medicine, creates protections for pharmaceutical industry

You’ve got to hand it to Obama in a weird way. He does a good job of placating his populist flank while his administration does the bidding of large corporations. Obamacare is one example, net neutrality is another, the TPP yet another.

One of the reasons we have generally opposed the Trans Pacific Partnership, even though we are big fans of international free trade, is because the agreement is likely chock full of crony deals. There’s a reason why so much secrecy surrounds the thing.

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Leading anti-marijuana academics are paid by painkiller companies

In an earlier post we wondered why it is that we have what is essentially “medical heroin” (Oxycontin) in all 50 states, but medical marijuana  – a far, far safer drug – in only a few states. We argued that Big Pharma had a lot to do with it. A recent report from VICE supports this hypothesis.

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