More than a third of US adults prescribed opioids in 2015

I don’t see 1/3 of the adult population wandering around in a opium haze, so there is some hope in that, I suppose. Even still 1/3 were prescribed opiates in 2015. That’s a lot of pretty hard drugs.

People need to be able to manage pain. And people who have become addicted need to be treated compassionately. But something is misfiring here (it appears to us) and we need to examine it.

We should look very closely at the connection between Big Pharma and the medical establishment (government,

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DEA OKs synthetic marijuana for pharma company that spent $500,000 to keep pot illegal

This my friends is a big part of why marijuana, cannabis prohibition continues.

It’s way more profitable to have have a pill permitted by the FDA than to let people put a seed in the ground and grow their medicine.

It’s not about pot being a “gateway drug” folks. A classic example of regulation working for the big guys and against the citizenry.

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Trump Picks Marijuana Opponent For Health Secretary

It’s OK. Life will still go on in a world where pot is totally legal. Business will be done. People will still go to church. Families will still gather for dinner. It will be OK. There will be less crime though.

Cannabis should be legal. I’m sorry my socially conservative friends, but it should be. In a country that prides itself on liberty and freedom no one should be going to jail for weed.

You know who likes illegal pot?

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Top tax-writing Republican says TPP trade deal not dead in Congress

This is one people need to watch closely. The Trans Pacific Partnership was a deal done in secret that represents managed trade, that is trade for large vested interests, not “free trade.” One does not need an agreement for free trade. Just let companies trade with one another across borders. Simple. (We are very much for real free trade.)

No, Hollywood, Pharma, many other interests want a trade framework which they can control and that is what the TPP appears to be.

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Why Big Pharma is Spending so Much Money to Defeat Marijuana Initiatives

Pills are way better for our health than a simple herb one can grow in one’s garden we are told. Better to take expensive opioids and other patented remedies than a nearly non-toxic unpatentable non-physically addictive remedy that has been used effectively for all manner of maladies for thousands of years we are told. Marijuana is bad we are told.

But many people, including many people who have never sparked a joint in their lives are coming to see that what we’ve been told about pot is for the most part like many other things we’ve been told by officialdom,

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Big Pharma Lobbies To Keep People Hooked On Opioids?

I read sometime in the last year that the pharmaceutical lobby is widely thought to be the most powerful lobby in Washington.

Consider that for a moment. More powerful than oil and gas, more powerful than the lawyers, more powerful than the banks. Pharma is the biggest dog on K Street.

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Doctors Getting Free Meals Pick Branded Drugs More, Study Finds

This isn’t surprising. A pharmaceutical salesperson comes in, takes a doctor to dinner to explain the benefits of his or her drug, soon that doctor starts prescribing said drug. This is how sales works. (Often.)

On the other hand one could have a Soviet style system with no pharma companies doing any sales and declared government procedures for antiquated drugs.

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