The case for free-market anticapitalism (“it takes a government to do a death camp”)

“As Deirdre McCloskey put it:

“Anyone who after the 20th century still thinks that thoroughgoing socialism, nationalism, imperialism, mobilization, central planning, regulation, zoning, price controls, tax policy, labor unions, business cartels, government spending, intrusive policing, adventurism in foreign policy, faith in entangling religion and politics, or most of the other thoroughgoing 19th-century proposals for governmental action are still neat, harmless ideas for improving our lives… is not paying attention.”

This is an excellent essay.

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Paul Krugman, most prominent big govt economist in the world, thought (in 1998) the Internet would only be as important to the economy as the fax machine (PIC)

Planners always think they know how things are going to go. And the planners are always wrong. But don’t tell them that because then they’ll get busy planning things to prove to you that “this time” they’ve got it right.

And then they fail again.

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Obamacare wonk admits that Obamacare cost increases will be ‘Severe, Uncomfortable’ For More Than 1 Million Americans (VIDEO)

Well, he can’t just say, “We screwed up on a colossal basis. On a Biblical level. All of my work for which I was paid very handsomely was basically a waste. I had no business doing what I was tasked with. This whole thing is much bigger than me. Oh, and we planners, the behavioral economist and policy types who wander the streets of downtown DC like pinstriped pigeons, we are full of bull pucky.”

Nope, he can’t say that.

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Bank Of America Says China (the Ultimate Crony Capitalist State) Has Passed The ‘Point Of No Return’

Anyone who has read us for very long knows that we’ve long been skeptical of the “Chinese Dream.” Back in 2011-2012 when union leaders and others were explaining to us that “state capitalism,” that is crony capitalism, worked because it was in China we urged caution. We argued that the economic data which came out of China was of poor quality. We argued that an economy based on patronage and centralized decree was destined for trouble. We argued that since prices weren’t free in China it was just a matter of time before real pain was felt.

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California’s ‘Drought’ Has a Monetary Metaphor

Water policy in California is bizarre. I had no idea how bizarre until Jerry Brown declared his water emergency last week.

With 39 million people living in a semi-arid to desert environment (at least the southern 2/3 of California) doesn’t it stand to reason that at some point water might become a critical issue? A really critical issue? Doesn’t it also stand to reason that the people of California should be priority number 1 when it comes to water,

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Woman Criticizes Honolulu’s Government, Has Her (Anti-Eminent Domain) Protest Signs Bulldozed

Arthur Dent fighting a similar battle in the 1970s.


Local governments love to seize property for projects. Since the Kelo Decision such seizures often are blatant transfers of wealth from the relatively poor and unconnected to the rich and very connected. If your property isn’t generating enough tax revenue for the city fathers (and their underlings) watch out, a bulldozer my be on your doorstep soon.

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State “capitalism” at it’s best: China Accidentally Built a Housing Complex in the Middle of a Highway (Photo)

China is a land of wonders. The joys of state capitalism abound in the ultimate crony capitalist state. Witness this gem of planning, a lovely condo placed smack dab in the middle of a massive highway.  Very nice.

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The largest real estate bubble (and maybe any other kind of bubble) in the history of the world. 60 Minutes examines the Chinese ghost cities.

This is a great example of why the government should never manage the economy. The more government manages, the more it will mess things up. Over time this is nearly always true. It is absolutely true in China.

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The Air is a “Soup” of Pollution in Parts of China, State Capitalism Fail

I often hear that the USA is a horrible polluter. That we use all the energy, expand our carbon foot print, and so increase the risk of global warming for the rest of the world.

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