In Alaska it may soon be illegal for the police to just take your stuff without a conviction

Civil forfeiture, policing for profit, is just wrong. If someone has committed a crime and been convicted of that crime, and the property in question was used in the commission of that crime then maybe the state has grounds to confiscate cars, boats, houses, etc. But just because the police arrest someone doesn’t mean that the cops should just be able to take whatever that person owns.

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Cops Who Write (BS) Tickets May Soon Face Prison Time

I once lived in a small town, a nice town generally in Northern Virginia, with a cop problem. Within the town limits there seemed a cop around every corner. Never in my life have I felt as over policed as I did there. Harassed is too strong a word. But I didn’t see the cop hiding in his squad car behind a bush near my home as my ally either.

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Civil forfeiture school for cops this August, $590 to learn everything a cop needs to to take people’s stuff

Civil forfeiture – policing for profit, official highway robbery, highway robbery by officials, whatever. It’s when the cops take your car, your money, your boat, and keep it, even if you are not convicted (or often charged) with a crime.

And you (if you are a police officer) can now attend a weekend convention where you too can learn the ins and outs of this horrible practice.

“If in doubt, take it.”

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Govt says they know farmer is honest businessman, Take $63,000 from him anyway

Word is that Al Sharpton is holding a hunger strike to protest the fact that the Senate won’t move on the Lorretta Lynch AG nomination. You can guess why Sharpton think things are held up. One of the real reasons why Ms. Lynch is under such scrutiny is her support of civil forfieture. The seizing of property by the police even if someone has not been convicted of a crime. Across the country police departments have used the tool to feather their nests.

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