95% of Fed Gov Employees who gave gave to Clinton, Department of Justice 97%, State Department 99% (This is the deep state and they are comfy – right now)

Image: The Hill

(From FOX News)

The constant, anonymous leaks from disgruntled federal bureaucrats aim to provide ammunition for the propaganda news media to press the attack.

The Left’s dance of destruction is stunningly choreographed.

I have been overseas for the last three days, and it has been sickening to see so many foreigners terrified because they unknowingly believe the news media’s false reports and vicious attacks. The only version of President Trump they know is the one portrayed in the 24-hour cesspool of CNN and the daily acrimony of the New York Times.

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Doug Casey: The Greater Depression is going to be worse than even I thought it would be.

The Crash of 2008 didn’t just go away (as too many of us know). It still hangs over the globe. But things have changed. We now have more debt on the books and an even more emboldened political class.

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CIA/Goldman Sachs/GOP leadership alum launches “conservative” bid for White House?

Not sure what the point of this is. Do some neocons think that this is enough of a wrench to derail Trump? Seems a rather desperate attempt at this point. How is this guy supposed to get ballot access?

And there is an obvious choice at this point for those who are inclined in the conservative direction (but not neoconservative direction which is likely the issue here) in Gary Johnson. And he has ballot access.

It’s been a weird election.

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ABC: DNC Email Leak Reveals Perks of Being Big Democratic Donor (VIDEO)

Versailles or Philly?

This is the political class, the crony class. These are the people who live off of the taxpayers. These are the people who think they can run your life better than you can.

And at the end of the video check out the look on the co-anchor’s face. It’s precious.

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German Minister Claims Surge In Attacks (4 in a week) Has “No Link To Merkel Refugee Policy” (Right…)

One of the reasons many people in this country and around the world are turning their backs on the old order is because the old order seems to live in an alternate universe. The desires and aspirations of the political class seem totally divorced from the desires and aspirations of most everyday people.

At first people questioned themselves. A few years ago many folks were still willing to give the political class the benefit of the doubt. Governing after all was the business of the political class.

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The working classes vs. the smirking classes

Daniel Hannon from across the Atlantic puts his finger on the causes of much of the anger which is riling the West. The political class, the crony class, the smirking class, has taken the rest of us for granted while entrenching and enriching itself.

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The Anger of the Unprivileged Is Rising Globally

This goes nicely with the previous post.

People are waking up. They are using the information at their disposal. Do not take this information for granted.

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Poor Countries Demand $3.5 Trillion in Climate Finance at Paris Conference*

Now let’s just guess whether the crony classes in these poor countries will just happen to pocket all of this “climate mitigation” money. OK, let’s not guess because we know the answer. Of course it’s a scam. But it’s dressed up as “social justice” of course.

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Are we witnessing another collapse of the party system?

The electoral college in 2016.

It is entertaining. All the “Ready for Hillary” bumper stickers seem to have vanished over the last month or so. Donald Trump is making mincemeat of the GOP party apparatus. All sorts of assumptions about the 2016 presidential race have been tossed out. Rules have been broken. New paths are being blazed.

It has all thrown the DC political class for a loop. And that is a very good thing.

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More Crony Media: The protected, connected liberal media elite

I hate the term “elite.” This implies some sort of extraordinary skill, which in my experience in Washington, at least with the media and definitely in politics is not apt. But you get the point. Statist, entitled, usually wealthy (though typically not rich) folks who like to frequent the Georgetown cocktail circuit and get a thrill when Politico comes calling. The folks who actually care about Washingtonian Magazine.

They aren’t elite, but they are the political class.

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Duopoly: ‘The men who ran the Republican and Democratic governors’ associations competed fiercely. Now, they’re going into business together.’

In the wake of the Cromnibus debacle, where Republican congressional leadership pretty much completely turned their backs on “wave voters” for short term gain, (and Democratic leaders did the same) multiple readers at ACC have asked, “Well now what?”

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