Inside the (Racist, Politically Correct) Madness at Evergreen State

Again, we call on every decent “liberal” out there who knows that political correctness is an anti-intellectual cult to speak up. We may not agree on economic issues, and perhaps many cultural issues, but I think intellectually honest people can all agree that reading Huckleberry Finn is not an act of racism. All intellectually honest people can agree that eating tacos is not “cultural appropriation.” And I think all intellectually honest people can agree that the “micro-aggression” folks have collectively lost their minds.

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The NFL Is a Product I Refuse to Purchase Any Longer

The NFL is a deeply crony organization as we’ve chronicled here. (See the links below.) But now, it feels like the NFL is, if not imploding, just dying on the vine.

Sports in many ways is the thing guys use to NOT talk about politics. It was the thing one could talk about in the elevator, over beers, with one’s father-in-law that in the end didn’t really matter. Dem, Republican, other, whatever, we could all complain about our losing team or celebrate our winning team.

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YouTube accused of CENSORSHIP over controversial new bid to ‘limit’ access to videos (Are we seeing the Chinafication of the Internet in the USA?)

Google it appears is going all in on political correctness now.  And “liberals” you need to pay attention too. This is about narrowing ALL discussion not just speech the “social justice warriors” don’t like. The #OLDMEDIA want to control the narrative again and it looks like Google has joined their cause. 

It should be noted that the establishment has been trying to figure out how to put the information genie back in the bottle for a few years now.

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(ACC VIDEO) If Google is getting taxpayer dollars, can it seek to limit speech online?

Google is seeking to limit free speech. (It appears.) But Google is a government contractor. Should taxpayers be forced to fund a corporation that seeks to limit speech? Can Google even do what it is doing given that it is a taxpayer funded contractor?

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Report: 85% Of Americans Say Free Speech Is More Important Than Political Correctness

I should hope so. In fact I wouldn’t say that political correctness was “important” at all. It is an anti-intellectual tool of totalitarianism. There is no such thing as “hate speech.” There is hateFUL speech. But it’s still speech and so protected by the 1st Amendment.

Ugly, repugnant speech is why the the 1st Amendment exists. Sometimes liberty isn’t pretty. That’s one of the prices of a free society. Sometimes we have to hear stuff we don’t like.

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Silicon Valley Tightens Its Grip On Free Speech (Totalitarianism spreads)

Is that a laptop?

There is a real emergence of totalitarianism on what is often called the “left” in this country. With Trump’s election it seems some people have become completely disconnected from adult level thought. They really do think that Trump is Hitler. They honest to God think that he is and that their virtue signaling and general bitching is somehow heroic. It’s the “resistance” after all. Free college. Free phones. Free everything. The “1%” is why my life sucks –

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Leaked Internal Messages Reveal Co-Worker Support For Fired Google Engineer’s Controversial Memo

“You VILL TINK as we COMMAND at der Google, or you VILL be out of a job!”

Basically the PC folks at Google are mad at this guy because he dared stray from the official groupthink. He dared question the bizarro reality that infects too much of American society. That he dared speak up, and encouraged others to wake from their fear induced slumber is a crime against the hive.

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The “Diversity” Memo Rocking Google: Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber

Google, Huffpo, Yahoo News. This is “diversity.” 
See some went to one of the lesser Ivys (probably Brown or Penn) a couple went to Georgetown. One went to UC Davis.

The above (pic) is a big part of the problem. If an organization is going to preach “diversity” it needs to walk the walk. And key to ACTUAL diversity is diversity of opinion. But like many universities many of America’s largest companies (particularly in tech) do not want ACTUAL diversity.

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