Statement on Manchester attacks from that right wing nut Morrissey

For those who are not familiar with Morrissey or the band The Smiths, Mr. Morrissey is certainly not a right winger. But it sounds like he’s fed up.

The words below are not “incendiary” to me. They seem pretty matter of fact, and in many respects pretty much the truth. But the singer is catching heat for saying something that isn’t politically correct – in public.

Check out this lady who tries to make the argument that “misogyny”

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The PC Brigades Must be Stopped: Conservatives Aren’t the Only Voices Silenced by Academia’s Intellectual Orthodoxy


Political correctness and the “grievance studies” are anti-intellectualism dressed up as postmodern intellectualism.

The truth is the current “post-colonial,” racial, gender obsession (in some circles) is a religion for the dim. A salve for the bright, but not the brightest. 

I’m sorry if you don’t understand why The Great Books are great, or worse if you think the wisdom and knowledge of Western Civilization should be tossed aside in the name of reductionist politically correct dogma.

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Professor Injured By Crazed (Social Justice Warrior) Mob at Middlebury Speaks Out: ‘This Was the Saddest Day of My Life’


It has been my experience that social justice “warriors” (SJWs) are just bullies wrapped up in a religion that helps them make sense of their – what often appears to be – sad little worlds. It’s not about justice. It’s about bullying and crushing intellectual inquiry because the SJWs know that if inquiry is allowed their whole worldview crumbles into a million pieces of perceived slights, microagressions, and sociology dissertations written by people who have no business getting a PHD in anything.

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